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The surgeon's table is the last place most of us ever want to go, but it's where most Pilonidal sufferers are ultimately headed; whether it's a small, conservative procedure in the doctor's office or full excision in the local surgical center. The good news is that there are newer procedures that use a more conservative approach as opposed to the problematic deep and wide excision. In this section we offer descriptions of various treatments for discussion with your doctor.

There is no one single treatment plan that is right for all patients, we leave it to you and your doctor to determine what is the right course for your circumstances. Remember, health care is a partnership between you and your medical provider. Being able to discuss options and resolve questions is your right (and obligation) as a patient looking to get well.

Treatment Topics (Links)
For those in pain NOW! Immediate Treatments
What type of treatment is right for you
Conservative treatments explained
Excision treatments explained
Anesthesia Pre-Surgery Tips Post-Surgery Tips

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