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    When does it feel completely normal again?

    I'm almost 6 months post-op. I can't say the healing process has been a fast and easy one for me. I'm just wondering how long it took most you to feel like you were completely normal back there. The area is still very sensitive and tender. I get sharp little pricks every once in awhile (more...
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    3 months post-op and still having slight pain

    i had closed surgery 3 months ago and was feeling great. i've returned back to college 4 days ago and slight twitches have returned as well. i don't know if that's coincidence or what, but it does have me a little paranoid. since i'm back at school, that means i have no A/C and pretty much...
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    to shave or not to shave

    i am completely confused on this subject. though there is no "real" cause to these, many people claim it's in-grown hair. how would shaving the area prevent a new pilonidal cyst? i would think that shaving the area is just giving you thousands more chances for in-grown hairs to grow and...
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    irritated/acne around scar

    i had closed surgery 2 months ago (on june 1) and everything seemed to be going well. i had an air pocket that had formed and needed to be packed for about 3 weeks. i haven't been packing for 4 weeks now and the 2 holes along the incision line are almost completely closed up. the past few...
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    does no draining mean no healing?

    on tuesday my doctor told me i didn't need to pack anymore because the wound was shallow enough. but i'm not really draining. if an open wound isn't really draining does that mean its not healing?
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    packing question

    i had closed surgery a month and a half ago. 2 weeks after surgery i had 2 holes form along the incison. made an appt with the surgeon where she said an air pocket had formed and to pack both holes with iodoform stip gauze. i packed the holes for 2-3 weeks. today i had another appt. she...
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    how do you know if it's healing?

    i had closed surgery 4 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago, i had a 1/4" hole form at the bottom of the incision, which continually drained. i visited the surgeon who told me an air pocket had formed, the wound wants to heal from the inside out and told me to pack the wound once a day with iodoform packing...