12 months on...

I will warn you, this is long but it does have a positive end!

In May 2013 the lump at the bottom of my tailbone (that I actually thought was completely normal and everybody had, whenever I had complained that sitting for more then half an hour made my bum hurt people agreed?!) swelled over the course of 3 days. Within those three days I was in indescribable agony (as you have all also experienced!). As a 19 year old girl I felt incredibly embaressed to visit my GP about it and it wasn't until my Partner told me to that it was very swollen and he didn't believe it was just a spot that I went. The next day I saw my practice nurse (who although lovely at first throughout the saga of my cyst became a bit of an arse...) and she gave me antibiotics and told me it was a boil. A little grossed out but in a lot of pain I returned home and began my antibiotics. Throughout the evening it got alot worse, I was pale, sweating, my entire body had swollen and I found it difficult to breathe. I went straight to A&E, as soon as I saw the doctor they advised I would need to be operated on. After waiting for around 5 hours after this, unable to sit down due to pain and waddling around with a swollen tummy looking pregnant,I was told to take some Tremadol and return in the morning. Once in returned my cyst was drained and packed and I was kept overnight due to irregularities with my blood pressure.

The following day I had my packing removed for the first time... the nurse tore the top of the wound when removing the packing, I cried and i screamed and in the end was given additional morphene. At the time I was mortified at my behaviour and apoligised profusely for my outburst, however as time passed the tear she caused removing the packing caused that part of my scar to never correctly heal, well that's according to one set of nurses.

After thay I was told '2 weeks and you will be completely healed' , as I'm sure we are all aware this is crap! The first week I had district nurses who were absolutely fantastic and provided brilliant care. After that I went to my GPS nurse, who during my first visit admitted shes never really done packing before and she didn't know what she was doing. I saw her for 2 weeks, she would prescribe be a box of packing at a time, which with daily packing does not last long,and only 5 mepore dressings at a time, this process was costing me a fortune!

After that I visited the local walk in centre where I was advised that ny nurse had been packing my wound incorrectly. For the following 3 months I visited the walk in centre every day and had my wound packed, it got to two cms deep and would not heal anymore, everything from silver packing and iodine patches were used to aid the healing, it eventually healed toget her and I was left with a small 2cm deep hole, with lump above that was apparantly due the nurse tearing my wound.

I thought that I would have to just make do with a 2cm hole, and i would have if it did not on a weekly basis become intected again. Because the skin was touching at the top around every 7 days the skin would close, leaving a 2cm cavity which filled with infection, would cause the area to swell then eventually burst. This was consistent for 5 months and I felt embaressed all the time, I was anxious thay I would burst whilst I was at university and the puss would go through my clothes and people would smell it (sorry tmi. ..) and it was incredibly horribly time in my life. My sex life was non existent because I didn't want my partner to see it and I was in pan. My GP was useless, after going for antibiotics once a month I begged them to refer me back to the hospital as I couldn't cope with the pain, to which they wrote a letter insinuating thay I was being emotional and they did not want to refer me. When at the hospital I was told there was tunnles lead to more cysts, however another doctor then said it's all fine it's just a long process. Very confusing and conflicting!

I changed gp and they were very proactive at getting my scar healed, even re opening slightly to see if it would boost the healing! They eventually discussed with me the possibility of a limberg flap, it sounded daunting and terrifying but I was relived that I was finally being taken seriously. They explained the cosmetic implications and that my scare would be far bigger than it is now, however I decided to go ahead as I couldn't continue with a weekly cycle of infection!

I had my 2nd operation in september 2014, and fingers crossed it been fine ever since. The flap is a very different procedure which stitches up the wound, it was very sore and unfortunately some of my stitches did burst open ( relaxing in the garden is very strenuous!) However as my nurse said to expect such a large wound not to do thay would be niave! Because this minor setback that part of the wound required packing for around 6 weeks. 14 months on and I have not had any recurrences, my scar although unsightly is beginning to fade, I can exercise without worrying about my scar bursting open wit infection and I don't have to visit the walk in centre every. SingLe. Day.

If you are having issues with your p.s talk to your GP abiut the limberg flap! It's a larger op but the recovery time is quicker and in my case anyway far more successful!