2 operations failed now my third on its way :(

Hello all

I have had a cyst now for about 3 years. I am 23 and male. I discovered the cyst one day when I spotted a bit of blood on my bed and took me for ever to figure out where it came from.

So I got my self on the Nhs waiting list and had the " karydakis" technique done twice and it has failed. My wound has broken down twice. I gave it extra months to heal and have daily packing adding silver nitrate and Manuka honey. Helped but didn't do the trick.

My next operation is the "lay open " technique meaning they cut me open and remove what they need to and then I pack it from day one.

Has any one got any thoughts on this and do they know if it is any better or will it work !

This is so depressing as many off you know.


I had the open excision and took 15 months to heal. The surgery and aftercare I had was absolutely shocking though, so you may get lucky. It was the worst 15 months of my life, now my scar reopened after 3 years of it being closed. I'd recommend a cleft lift down in Portsmouth with Dr Senapati, thats where I will be heading if I can't get mine closed again.