5 Week Success!!! Fully healed!!!

Some background for those who dont know...[oyo]
I'm a 21 yr old female. I found in cyst in September when I experienced my first flareup ever. All of a sudden I was experiencing some slight pain, which felt like a bruised tailbone, and within a few days couldnt sit, stand, walk, lay down, etc. It was extremely painful and I became sick. I went to the ER where they lanced the infection immediately. They gave me Demarhol and local anesthetics, but it was still excruciating. It took about 15-20 minutes, and felt a lot better right away. It was packed with gause, which came out the next day. I never want to experience it ever again, but my suggestion is if you think its infected, go to the doctor right away and get some antibiotics, so you can hopefully prevent a lancing. If you wait, and the infection gets worse, it may make a lancing more painful (Doctors said if the swelling and infection are bad, its sometimes difficult to numb the area).
I was fully healed from that in 2 weeks and then saw a General Surgeon I was referred to. Said that without surgery there was a 50% chance of it coming back, and with open excision a 5% chance. 3 months after discovering the cyst and having the lancing I had open excision surgery under general anesthesia. My hospital experience was as pleasant as it could have been, and I experienced no pain that day, not even on the 45 minute car ride home sitting. The IV was the worst thing, and thats only because I'm afraid of needles. My wound was 1.5" long, 1" wide, and 1.5" deep. The next day I removed 2 feet of gause packing while in a bath, which just felt like a bandaid coming off. A nurse came for the first 2 days for packing changes, and they were nowhere near as painful as I expected. I just felt a little bit of pressure. My mom was able to take over immediately without any problems. I was given Darvocet, as Vicodin doesnt always work for me. I took it as a preventative measure, but my pain wasnt ever too bad. It was basically just some soreness, nothing close to the pain of the original infection and lancing. I took it easy for a few weeks, slept a LOT, did my sits baths, ate healthy, took vitamins, and just let my body heal.
Starting the second week after surgery, I saw my surgeon weekly. He cleaned out the wound and checked for infection, cut any bridging, and used some silver nitrate. I was terrified but it wasnt bad at all! I stopped draining after 4 weeks, and just saw him for my 5 week post-op and I am completely closed!!! I feel great! Some soreness with sitting too long, but thats to be expected. I have to be careful for a month or so not to split the wound, but I couldnt be happier. This whole experience has been better then we could have ever dreamed. We went in expecting the worst, and its been great! I have a very low pain tolerance, but this wasnt bad at all. I'm so happy that I went through with it, and would do it again in a heartbeat. Theres a lot of negative stories out there, but just know its possible to have a good one. Do your research and find a surgeon you're comfortable with.

(Sorry so long! Please feel free to contact me if theres any questions.)


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My son was diagnosed in Oct 2007 with PD. He had surgery (cleft lift) in April 2008 followed by some slight healing complications. He is now a Jr. in high school and PD is a distant memory. He started back to school this year and came home the first week to tell me how great it felt to sit at school all day without any pain. He was miserable with this disease and lived with it out of embaressment. He has a new, happy, pain-free life. He says he can't believe he never told me and suffered when the surgery and recovery was such a breeze.