5 years post-op


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Hi all, just been reminded of this website (and condition!) from an email. Thought i would just drop by to say its now been 5 years since i had cleft lift surgery, and although I experienced a couple of minor issues with the wound care, everything healed up within a few months and it wasn't long until i was back to normal. You can probably find my story by searching my user name if you wish.

5 years later, there has been no occurrence or any problems, in fact i had completely forgotten all about the surgery and that i ever had this cyst. I didnt post in this forum so that i wouldn't jinx it, however i think that i can safely say i'm healed and outta here!

It was me who emailed you :)

Thank you so much for replying but unfortunately, I can't find your reply to me!!

I'm glad you have recovered so well and I'm delighted to say that I have found a cleft lift surgeon and I'm meeting him on the 30th :-D hoping that my operation is the same success that yours was/is.

Thank you