8 days post op (lanced)


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I had this sliced open and left open to drain.. the top part was where the leakage initially started. Second time i've had a lancing. Two years ago was the first time I was 18. The surgeon said the first one wasnt opened up enough to drain well. So here we go. Doesnt hurt at all, this time around the swelling wasnt bad to start with prior to surgery because it had been leaking on its own for a good 5 months. So i decided to go get it cut open to get rid of the infection so i could enlist. (hopefully)

8 days post op, cleaned and fresh out of the tub.


So this is just a lancing? Although lancing would be getting it "cut open," it is almost always only a temporary relief. It's not even necessarily that the first one "wasn't opened up enough to drain well" moreso just that Pilonidal is a recurring thing.
A lancing and/or antibiotics will get rid of the infection for a while but it's not usually a cure.

Your last two pictures show the pits. Has nothing really to do with your first lancing.. it just happens when the sinus drains and the tracts open to the surface of the skin.

Anyway, this should heal up quickly since it wasn't an excision, it was just an incision & drain. The problem is that because of the sinus, pits, tracts, you will most likely have recurrences and you need to be ready for them. If you want to enlist then you should probably try to do as much research about this as possible so you're not shit out of luck later down the road and end up getting forced into an excision surgery. Some people have few flare ups and can manage it, so if you are one of these people then I suggest reading over this thread http://www.pilonidal.org/xfforums/index.php?threads/a-thank-you-a-story-and-a-remedy-to-try.7755/ because it should be a lot of help. If you end up needing surgery, I suggest the cleft lift (because it is what saved me, so I can vouch for it with personal experience).

Good luck.


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He cut it up much longer then the first its just closed up fairly quickly. However this morning i got a call from the doctor who took a blood swab prior to me getting scheduled for the surgery and she said that my blood tested positive for strep infection. although i show no symptoms, other then my nose being dry skin lately... The surgeon put me on 125mg of augmentin so on august 2nd i will find out if the strep has went away.

I'm trying to avoid any kind of long heal times, because according to my recruiter whom has had the same cyst. he says a draining is ok, as long as the wound is healed, im not actively leaking and the cyst isnt flared up. it doesnt cause too much discomfort even when i let it act up for a few months, with anti biotics i can keepit down... which is all i need it to do to make it through basic. After that I can deal with it.


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All right folks, so given the fact that i plan to enlist. I need to have this thing removed all together. Otherwise meps will probably throw me in a limbo. So. I'm considering the Cleft Lift this week. @UnluckyOne how is your healing going, what day / month are you on so far? any new complications?


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Ok folks... soo its been about 2 months since i had my lancing... and i hate to say its back with a vengeance. Tomorrow after work I plan to make a couple phone calls and try to find someone in NC with some Cleft Lift experience. Trying to avoid travelling because I work full time. If you take a look at these two pics you can see where the lanced area is now inflamed and the pitts are dilated. This is probably the worst its been since the initial infection when i was 18. (21 now)