A Pilonidal Cyst story with a happy ending.

@Tonster Hello, I had question for you. I don't remember if you said you had surgery or had a lance excised. I read a lot on here. So It'll 14 days on Sunday from the time where my cyst burst on its own. I can still feel a little bump, like a hard pea, but it's not really tender or anything and I don't remember feeling this after my first experience. My question is whether or not you've ever had the entire cyst(?) taken out and whether or not you thought this made a difference. The whole lancing, and doctors not wanting to drain or excise when it seems infected seems like a waste of time, money, and aggravation to me. I think my bigger issue is having those pilonidal sinus tracts but I've gone about being extra careful in making sure that area stays clean and clear. The butt cleft lift surgery seems like a possibility but I really can't undergo such a procedure right now. I was thinking about laser hair removal in that area but I don't think it's covered by my insurance without proper justification. I haven't really looked into the pit picking procedure yet. Your thoughts? Appreciate it.


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Hi plague sufferer, yep you're right, the big issue are the tracts and the part which is not painful now could a cystic pit, they harden and welcome a new infection. Mine dischargd of its own accord for years and there would be months where I wouldn't have even considered it a problem. One flared massively and didn't look like it was going to burst after 5 days.. Crawled into ED and they took major pity, painkillers and incision in the morning. Was supposed to be a couple of months packing, but after two weeks one of the tracts started flaring so I tried GP but she sent me back to the hospital.. The surgeons were really disappointed and cut the whole thing tracts and all out, open excision. 3 months later I look almost healed, but there a couple of pin hole pits below the healing wound that the surgeon said he will have to clean up. (I also wondered if hes talking about pit picking that last bit)

So yeah... They want to get rid of it all.