Acne and hidradenitis suppurativa improved after treatment of Pilonidal Abscess


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Hi All,

I recently had a hospital visit and mobs of Clyndamicin via IV (I'm 40). This was all to treat the Pilonidal Abscess.
I also started taking probiotics.

The abscess was a delayed closure, deliberate re-open... recovery... still going...

I've noticed almost all my acne and hidradenitis suppurativa has either dissapeared or gone into remission.

The HS is the thing I'm most excited about and I know there are a lot of sufferers in here with the Tetrad. I;ve had that many antibitotics with my skin condition over the years... I don't think that fixed the Acne/HS. My theory is either the Piloidonal Abscess infection was affecting my entire body with Acne and HS.... so now that infection is gone - I see massive improvements... like all gone! Maybe it's the probiotics.

Anyone with similar or related experiences?
Hi Tonster , Im happy that you get something out from your way , I was reading about the HS ,man that's another evil . but at least now you can deal with one thing , I dont have any advice about your HS but it could be the probiotics does the trick . what kind of food do you eat? that's another factor .
I wish you a very good health .


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Hey Farid, hope you're coming along well there. Yeah HS is a whole other topic that I've spent ages looking into and going to specialists... it's common for people to have both PS and HS which is why I thought there might be a few familiar people in here ;> Same as PS.... it's got similar contributing factors, but all comes back to being cursed with our hair follicles in the sweat glands. I do eat a lot of dairy... that hasn't really been blamed by others but I'm pretty unique the amount I consume. There are a lot of people comparing their diets and doing isolation diets to work out what triggers it with interesting results for each individual (nightshade vegetables is common). I'm looking for the magic bullet... and it was either the removal of my PS... the antibiotics (haven't worked previously for me) or the probiotics.
Does Pilo causes HS or contrary? I hope they are not related , oh man you too have been throughout horror time God bless your hearth bro , as soon as my wound healed Ill defiantly try a laser hair removal to prevent any farther issues .
yes I heard that certain diet affects our bodies and help support the immune system , I usually eat lot of organic food and prefer more vegetable than meat and still didnt figure out what delayed my healing possess