Age of Discovery

Age of Discovery

  • Born with an obvious Pilonidal Sinus

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How old were you when this beast first appeared?

There is a different poll for those with young children who have Pilonidal Dimples.
I was about 15 when I first noticed it.
I was 20, had had some trouble with soreness for a couple of years since a fall but never really thought anything of it until my first flare up.
I was 20 years old at the time of my first flare up. (I'm now 21.)
I really can't remember ever having any pain or problems before then. :\
For as long as I can remember, even in elementary school, my tailbone area would become a little sore and swollen from time to time. It never lasted long and I just thought it was normal. I was also riding horses 5-7 days a week and the area was getting a lot of constant rubbing, etc. My first flair up that landed me in my doctors office for a lancing was back in 2003 and I was around 19/20. I am now almost 26 and am finally meeting with a surgeon this tuesday to schedule surgery.
I discovered this when I was 20
I was sixteen when I got my first abscess, but I recalled having a pimple just below my tailbone a couple years prior probably when I was 13-14 years old.
My first flare and any indication that there was a problem...44. Had no clue this even existed before then.

I hear that it's unusual. I've been having other health issues lately though and wonder if it might be related.
I was 13 when I had my first cyst. I had it drained in the emergency room 2 days later and then I had it removed in surgery, because it came back.