almost 1 year post-op!


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I found out about my cyst when I came home for winter break from my first year of college, not exactly the news I was hoping to come home to to say the least!!

My doctor was actually a surgeon who had seen many of these (in Maryland) and he recommended quick action rather than letting it continue to flair up. Considering school for me is 8 hours away, and this wasn't something I wanted to end up dealing with on my own, so I agreed to get it unroofed just a few days before Christmas (Dec 21). From what I understand, unroofing is a bit more than lancing, but not full removal. It leaves an open cavity that must be packed, and essentially is just a very effective way to sort of clean the whole thing out. My family took an 8 hour road trip on Christmas, which was bearable because I could lay down in the back of the car. From what I remember I didn't have too much pain while just resting, however repacking the wound gave me a lot of discomfort, so I found the best way to deal was taking a prescribed painkiller about an hour before repacking. The repacking was done by my dad, I get woozy easily and didn't even want to attempt it myself.

A month later I had to go back to school, which made me fairly nervous. At this point I was experiencing little pain, and the pain I had was infrequent, so the flight was ok and everything. My school health center actually was able to repack the cyst for me, so I would go there daily to get it changed. However, our health center was closed one day a week, on which my boyfriend would pack it for me. By mid February the cyst was closed enough to only require a piece of gauze over it to prevent infection, and by late February it was all closed! I'd go back every once in a while to make sure it was ok.

Only once did I ever start to feel it was coming back, turned out just a blister had formed and it was fixed with an ointment (that I can check the name of if that would help anyone) so basically I have been completely flare-up free for almost a year!! Starting to finally think I won't jinx it when I say I'm out of here! Super thankful for the advice and support this website provided and I'm so glad I found it, plan on keeping up checking it to see if anyones situation was similar to mine so I can return the favor!!