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Okay now, hopefully I got your guys attention.

I'm 18, and have a Pilondial Cyst.. I went to the ER and had it removed, I did the gauze thing and packaging (which hurts so much) and that for 2 weeks. It is preety much closed, a little gap is left I'd say. It was a 2x2 incision.. which didn't get the job done.

That was about a month ago, however my doctor said there was a 50/50 chance it would come back and we would have surgery then because draining it won't work.

So, the bump is starting to come back, and quite frankly it sucks and i'm fed up with it..

When I put pressure on the bump, its sore but not nearly as bad as it was before. The bump pre draining hurt to sit down, as of right now it's okay but I feel a bump is on the way.

I do have hair near the bump, but I tend to after showers wash the hole very precise.. so I would doubt hair is in there.

Thanks.. [=(]


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When you went to the ER what you had was a lancing...not a removal.
And unfortunately lancings do not remove the cyst or its tracts.

What you need to do is speak to a surgeon once the wound from your lancing has healed. Your chances are far greater than 50/50 of it coming back and giving you problems. I would find a surgeon, read this whole site, and make a decision from there.


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quote:Originally posted by Lisa

When you went to the ER what you had was a lancing...not a removal.
And unfortunately lancings do not remove the cyst or its tracts.

What you need to do is speak to a surgeon once the wound from your lancing has healed. Your chances are far greater than 50/50 of it coming back and giving you problems. I would find a surgeon, read this whole site, and make a decision from there.
When I went to the ER, the Doctor said it was a drainage. I have read this site I do however need to have a surgeon look at this.
Chase make sure you go to a "colorectal" surgeon. I made the mistake of going to a general (well taking my 17 yr. old son) and now the cyst is GIGANTIC because he wanted to leave it in and just keep draining it. Colorectal surgeons are infinately more up to date and knowledgable about this disease.
Keep us informed buddy:D


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when i had it drained and then the day after when i had to have it packed.. it was the most pain ever.

now when i get the surgery will there be much pain when it is packed? or will the nerves be dead?


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If you find a general surgeon with experience with pilonidals you may have some luck. I went to a general surgeon....but she had a lot of experience with pilonidal cysts as well as other types of cysts. So not all general surgeons are bad need to be sure that whatever surgeon you choose to see has experience with these cysts. You'd be surprised how many surgeons know minimal about them.

As far as packing goes, I was lucky....I experienced some discomfort but nothing unbearable. There are ways to ease the pain of packing....take pain pill 30-45 mins prior to a packing change....soak the area so that the packing doesnt stick to the dry blood/wound....and if needed use some saline solution to ease packing in.

Those are a few ways to ease the possible pain of packing changes.


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Its that pinching pain that just K I L L S me.. its so unbearable and I took 2 perkisette too, which made me nasious but it STILl hurt.

I do have hair there, so i'm guessing that the closed would be
better but there is greater of a chance it comes back..
I definately understand where you are comming from chase. I am in the third and BEST week so far of the recovery. I took the 2 percacet and added 800 ib profin 3 times a day and did not touch the pain. The best thing I found for the pain was soaking in the tub which is something I found here. I would get the water as hot as I could stand it so hot it was cold. Are you changing the gause packings everyday? Even though my hole is half the size I still have the gause change everday. If not it could get infected. The thing with the syst and I know this is all over the site, the chances of the procedure working is 10% procedure and 90% aftercare. You really have to keep the area clean and everything. All in all I have not had to spend more than a half hour a day on maintanance chaging gause soaking etc.. but it has been worth it as mine is healing like they should for best results. If you did not take care of the wound then you will more thank likely have to go through this again and again and again till you take care of it. The chances of it comming back if you take care of everything is almost 85% if you have the heal from the inside out which is the best and what I had. Look at the link on the page at the questions to ask and do not be afraid to ask every one of them. Take some time to read the other stuff in the site besides the forums. The other information on this site helped me not only make an educated decision about what to do but also made things easy on the doctor cause I knew what I wanted and what to expect and what I had to do and what he had to do. With the hair do not worry I have a hairy ass and they shaved me while I was under so I did not feel a thing. The worst part is taking off the tape OUCH cause it gets caught on hair that was not shaved off. The other thing I found great for the exterior bandaging besides gause in the wound is to get the thick gause stuff. The hospital will know what it is. It is stuff that is rolled up and is about 3 inch's high. It is very thick gause. I found that it was more absorbant than using the 4 inch gause pads you can buy at the store that are extra absorbant. This gause stuff is something you have to get through the hospital or inhome nurse, it is not anything I have ever seen in any drug store or first aid supply store. It is thick like a towel almost. I can repost the exact name brand and demensions if you would like. I fold it up and then tape it over the little wick that you will want to leave out from the gause packing in the hole. Also do not tape the exterior bandage tight. I left it way loose in the middle so I could move around more frely without it hurting. Also if you are changing the bandaging yourself make sure that the gause is wet when you pack it in the hole. Use long Qtips to gently pack the gause in and layer the gause. Or atleast that is what the nurse did that changed mine. I also would soak for a good 20 min before the gause changing everyday cause for the first week or so when you have that gause changed it is going to hurt like nothing you have ever felt before and do not be a bit surprised if you yell the whole time the gause is being pulled out. The first few days I cussed and swore and hated every min of it but I am glad I went through it.
Yeah, I kept it clean. After every shower I then put peroxide in it, and cleaned it up. I had it packed redone daily... then about a week later I got this black tar substance to put in it from my doctor. It is preety much closed up for the most part, maybe a smidgen of a hole. The pressure is back though, so i'm preety sure it comes back again, I don't feel puss coming out but it is wet back there, somwhat of a moisture type thing.

What sucks is that I graduate from HS in 2 months, and this could take me out for my Prom..


i have had this cyst for about a year. no pain until 5 days ago. now it is really painful and is getting huge. but what from what i am hearing, i don't think it is worth going thru the operation. i'm scared as hell! i am now on antibiotics and ibruprofen (which does not relieve the pain) but it hasn't gotten any better from the antibiotics, whats with that? coul this pain go away on itsd own? and flare up or will this pain be there forever?[:xX]
Just think if you are out for your prom you won't have to rent a tux won't have to worry about pictures or anything and if you have a woman she will probably pamper you and do something to make up for it. You may get a sponge bath and sex is still possible laying on your side and some percacet may enhance the pleasure ;);).
Chase, my son is in the same boat as you with prom & graduation, so he put the surgery off. One month ago the surgeon said take it out and we asked him about waiting for the same reasons you have. Talk to the Doc about putting it off and how to deal with infection if you have/get it.
Jogo, what you read here is the worst of the worst(mostly) Browse around and check out the post titled "healed and outta here" and then make up your mind about the surgery. As you will find out, leaving these things inside of you is usually not a good idea cause they grow. Just do alot of research before deciding one way or the other ok? You don't want regrets[o+o]


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Jogo your best bet is to just have it removed.

Believe me, the surgery is FAR LESS painful than what it is you are experiencing now. As a matter of fact, I never even took any pain killers following my surgery other than plain ol' tylonol. I never needed anything stronger. And if you read through this site, you will find that many people have had successful surgeries with minimal pain.

Without surgical removal, you risk this thing tunneling and causing you bigger and more painfil problems. I suggest you have it looked at by a surgeon and discuss your surgical options.
Thanks for all who have responded, I checked up on the Doctors in the Website. Didnt find anything from the Youngstown Ohio/Pittsburgh PA region..

If anyone knows of a Pilondial Cyst Doctor or Specialist let me know please!
have you read the post from mkatts titled "Had My Surgery Today"? His Doc was in columbus ohio, don't know how close that is to you.
You could also try calling a home health care nursing place or a wound care center and ask about surgeons there. Get some names and make some calls.
Let us know what happens!
Eh, thats about 4 hours away.. which isn't great.

Its starting to fufil now, as when I lay on my back its starting to hurt there.

I don't know why, but right about 3 inches above the cyst, in the middle of the back its painful not when I don't touch it. It seems odd.
Chase these things tunnel ang grow inside of you. They go deep as well as wide. What you feel 3inches somewhere else could still be the same cyst.
One time my son's surgeon was cleaning out his cyst and decided, just for the heck of it, to try pushing just a little bit harder with the instrument that he was using to pull out the hairballs with. He pushed on what he had thought was the end of the cyst, but then there was a little popping sound and the instrument suddenly went another two inches down along his butt crack. What he discovered was that some tissue had grown into a cluster that blocked a part of the cyst and gave us a false idea as to where this thing ended. He proceeded to pull out about 1/8 of a cups worth of hairball and puss from this "hidden" area.
Don't mess around with this, open your phone book and look for Colorectal and General Surgeons. Start making phone calls and asking the offices how experienced the doctor is with pilonidal cysts.
Surgery can still be put off until after graduation if you want, but it sounds like you need a little more attention.
Don't put it off man, your gunna be sorry[V]
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