Alright, HELP ME!!!

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Eh, thats about 4 hours away.. which isn't great.

Its starting to fufil now, as when I lay on my back its starting to hurt there.

I don't know why, but right about 3 inches above the cyst, in the middle of the back its painful not when I don't touch it. It seems odd.
I remember reading about this.. If you have your cyst on near the spine the extra pressure can push on nerve endings and such that cause back pain.. i was quite concerned becausei had backpain.. damn it tho mine wasnt actually caused by the cyst.( i didnt have one) it was caused by me sitting at a funny angle to take the pressure off of butt cheeks....

REALLY you need to get this looked at...

* can see an emergency trip to A and E coming up for chase*
Got a Doctors appointment coming up for Thursday..

The thing is odd though, it NEVER hurts when I touch it but its an odd hurting feeling when I do and it runs up preety high (about to the bottom of the actual ass crack)
ya mine never used to hurt to touch it.. but every now and then it would catch just right and mine was IN my butt cheek and used to shoot AROUND my but cheek and up my spine.. enough that i though tmy ass would A) explode and B) catch fire!!!
After a few days of "wondering" that area and some parts of it coming up to the crack is scabbing up.. thats what the weird feeling is. And I flaked some of it off, is this normal or what is this about?
Yeah, something's been oozing, either sinuses or the incision site. The black stuff you were using was to deal with a minor infection and may not have been enough for you. It sound like you need antibiotics and possibly another lancing. Tomorrow is monday, get on it man[o+o]
I got caught up in some of the hype for the cozzyx pillow and got one for my son. He hasn't had his surgery yet, so he's still kinda sore, and he sat on it and just smiled. So I am now among the throng that highly recommends them. I got it at for $25.00 shipped in 2 days.
is it really worth having.. i mean i had my surgery now.,. but if it should flair up.. does it really work.. because i was a bit of 50/50 ... but if you give it the thumbs.. ill definately give it a try...
I am going to recommend that my son use one of these forever. If that area is so sensitive, thin skinned, and prone to reoccurance, then why add unnecessary pressure to it? I think it's probably just as important as hygene as far as prevention is concerned since my son has the butthair of a sasquatch[:eek:)]
I totally agree on the cushion, I ordered another today which is recommended for people over 200 lbs. it is a firmer cushion than the one I am using now. I am getting over another flare up and I am going to use the cushion always for my puter chair and for car. I also have a ? I hear you talk about the pain being like childbirth in women, well when I have a flareup I am in pain and its hard to sit,lay,stand and walk but not so much excruciating pain. am I just lucky so far or maybe do not have a PS? just wondering I know everyone is different, but I am seeing a surgeon on may 13th anyway to see what he has to say.
well well.. guess who is going to the doctors tomorrow?


this is for a post lancing 4 weeks thing, he'll find a few sinus's and im sure he'll set a surgery date.

any questions i should ask him?
im getting it done next tuesday, may 4th.

it will be a closed operation.. he said it would be an open but it isnt that big and hes only done 3-4 open wound..
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