Alright, HELP ME!!!

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alrighty, well i got the stiches prodecure today..

arived at UPMC in Farrell PA at 630 AM.

i got undressed got all nice for the bed.. the nurse tried find a veinn for oh a good 20 minutes.. tried 5 different spots no luck.

i think was with the anesthisa guys, 2 of them. they both said i had to have a tube down my throat, which sucks but i would of never known.

got that put in, went under oxygen in for id say 3 minutes and 2 minutes later i was out..

the surgery istelf was about 45 minutes, started at about 800.. it was 3 inches by 3 inches the actual cyst. there were about 10 people there, the guy that lanced it and the doctor (good friend) a few anesthia guys another doctor or 2 and like 2 student doctors in the ER for the first time.. odd

anyways i was in the recovery room for about 1 hour, but the funny thing i was up by 9 AM and up and fine.. talked to the girls in there, they knew me i guess from football which is cool.

i felt good i was on my back and i could tell i had the surgery, but no major pain. then say 945 i went to the room where i started, got the IV tooken out and was on my way..

the wound is stitched up.. and i could sit on the way home, which i was in shock.

the only thing that hurts is my throat and talking, im guessing from the tube down the throat.. and also my right hand where the IV was is swollwen but its gone down..

no sleep either for me, went to bed at 3 AM and took a 20 minute nap but i'm up..
I'm confused, were you awake for the tube going down your throat? and I feel for you on the IV thing chase. I have small veins and they can never get an IV in me either, they tried like 4 differnet spots last time and then had to call another person over to get it. in the hospital I had to be visited by an iv nurse at least once a day to get a new iv because my veins would get so irritated ( hand swollen and all that fun stuff like you said) and even some iv nurses could not get my veins grr[:^]
well I was in the hospital so I did not have much of a choice, a lot of iced ginger ale and water, things like soup and oatmeal, basically anything that went down easy. But cold things did feel better than hot.
My throat was sore for 2 days then eased up. Popcicles and lots of jello.

Glad the rest went ok too. I was surprised I woke up on my back to. I was numb for 203 days though before I started to feel any discomfort.

Good luck with recovery.
i got my 1st shower a few hours ago.. took off the packing and i have 2 incisions and 2 rods in to take out any bad stuff.. i dont know?
Linda, they are orange looking rods in both incisions. My Dad said he thinks they are to prevent infection and such.. and when it heals up they will fall out, seems logical. Any thoughts?

Other than that, I L O V E taking showers, bum feels so much better. I haven't taken a pill yet, so I feel preety happy about that.
I suggest calling the surgeon to get more information about them. Ask him what their purpose is, when will they be taken out, and if there is any special care needed while they are in. That way you will know.
I am so glad to hear that things went well! Wish I would have checked in earlier, I would have recommended baby food for the sore throat. Im eating it right now due to some dental surgery I had done yesterday. Love them Peaches & Pears!
Yeah, he also went on to say they are put in to maintain the stiches, so you know it would be a "perfect" type heal.

Sounds good to me.
5 days in.. still can't really sit down on a hard surface or lay on my back.

still get another week off of school though, prom is the 21st.

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