Alright, HELP ME!!!

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Have you got a coccyx cushion or a tush cush? Lots of people here have them.It will greatly help to relieve pressure on that area, and is a good idea to use anyway until you are completely healed. Let me know if you need info. on it ok?
Take it easy:)
I just did a "google" search using "coccyx" or "tush cush"
Here are a few of the many I found:

I got my sons at senior shops because it was less expensive, but there are a wide variety of choices out there.

Hope this helps!

the stiches are coming out tuesday.. yaaa

with the retention little rubber rods placed under my stitches to help drain anything.. they've had a little precipitation below them away from the stiches.. its not a foul odor but not a good one. my doctor said that is normal and it greatly decreases the chances of this ever coming back.. it doesnt smell like puss but i'm guessing thats what it is.. the scar is starting to take effect..

i was wondering if anyone else had the retention suthers?
Yeah for tuesday! I'm glad to hear that all is going well. Did you find a cushion/pillow?
I have never heard of retention suthers but I plan on finding out all I can before my son's surgery in June.
Let us know how tuesday goes!:)
You can get a tush cush at a medical supply store...I got one for my son for $19.00...glad you are healing well...have fun at the prom!!
As long as you do not have any infection in the stitches and the person is not super rough getting the stitches removed really does not hurt. The only thing that may hurt is if anything is between your checks and they need to pull them apart to get to those stitches.
it feels fine now after the retention suthers are out.. the stithces are still in for 2 more days..

i suggest anyone getting the stitches surgery ask about the suthers to your doctor, he said there is 99% chance that it will NOT come back.
Did the surgeon say how it looked to him? Any infection or things he was worried about?

I looked in a medical dictionary at retention sutures and it didn't say anything about tubes. It said: retention suture - A heavy reinforcing suture placed deep within the muscles and fasciae of the abdominal wall to relieve tension on the primary suture line and thus obviate postoperative wound disruption.

It sounds like what you had were drain tubes put in you, and you were stiched shut in layers so that each layer relieved tension from the next layer. Does that sound like what they did?

I'm trying real hard to picture what you are talking about and...[:?]
he said it looked good

yeah thats what retention suters are.. it was a nice drainage that was far away from the stiches so that part is now not affected again... when he was taking them out they were real real deep..

now i can sit down fine with the stitches in and the retention suthers out which i was kind of suprised... you should look into that with your doctor for your son.
alright guys.

i had my surgery a good 6 weeks ago, and i can say i am HEALED!

i have no pain, other than way lower than where it was and it was the scar healing, again look into the retention suther/closed surgery.

i also push down on my butt hard to feel any type of pressure, and yay i havent felt any.

so there are success stories out there, i'm here for you all, if you have ANy question just ask:)
Chase...good for you!! [^]

I suggest you post in the "I'M HEALED AND OUTTA HERE" forum so that others who are scared can read about your success!
That's great, Chase! Did you have a good time at your Prom? Now that you are healed, there is one thing that I suggest. It is to buy an exfoliating product like PFB Vanish (the cost is $20 at ), or No Bump RX ($8 sold at Sally Beauty Supply stores). It would be a good idea to have one of these on hand. These products work very well to get rid of ingrown hairs.

After my son's surgery, the physician's assistant told me that my son's problem was caused by ingrown hairs. He told me that once the wound heals, there is a chance that a hair next to the scar tissue could turn inward and become an ingrown hair. So, I bought PFB Vanish in case there might be any problem. It took 6 months for my son's wound to heal, and one week later a red, round bump appeared overnight next to the scar tissue. I put PFB Vanish on the red bump twice a day and it was gone in three days. It turned out to be an ingrown hair. Since then, my son puts PFB Vanish on along the scar tissue once a week as a preventive measure. (PFB Vanish is a roll on product. For hard to reach areas, it can be rolled onto a cotton ball then applied).

I'm sure you won't have any problems, but it would be good to have this just in case. It would also be good to apply this if there was an injury to the area.
thanks everyone. the prom sucked actually, no power had to have it at our school.

did your son say a few weeks later when it seemed healed, was it to say not "hurt" but just sudden shocks getting the nerves back?
Sorry about the Prom. My son never mentioned sudden shocks but your experience and his are completely different so it is hard to compare. He had a large wound that was left open and took 6 months to heal. You were stitched closed and took 6 weeks to heal. For him, it was a slow process that took time for him to be able to sit without pain. It took months before he was able to sit straight down without discomfort. After that, sitting in his car used to be slightly uncomfortable. It has been 10 months since his surgery, and just recently he said sitting in his car is fine now. (A wound continues to remodel and strengthen for a year after surgery.)


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Chase, see my other post above "healed wound". As Linda said, the wound will be continue to remodel for a year or more and you will feel what has been described as:

Quick stabs of mild pain

I used to get them especially when I would climb stairs because that really stretches the glute muscles.
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