Alright, HELP ME!!!

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exactly what you said, twigging, pulling, quick stabs of mild pain. its odd though because its on the other side and i push down on everything and there is NO pressure.

i got the no bump rx, its good i guess. should i put it on every day?
No Bump RX and PFB Vanish prevent ingrown hairs. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs so if you are shaving the area, always apply your No Bump RX afterward. Whether you are shaving or not, you might want to apply No Bump RX once or twice a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is. (PFB Vanish is supposed to be gentler on the skin. We haven't tried No Bump RX.) Doing this weekly will help prevent ingrown hairs and new trouble from starting. My son applies PFB Vanish once a week.

Doing this as a preventive measure, you shouldn't have any problem at all. But if you did happen to see a red bump appear, apply either one of these products once or twice daily until the bump is gone. I'm glad you are doing this. Most (but not all) recurrences happen during the first year after surgery. That is why we are taking precautions also. Now that my son is healed, it's nice to have our life back! I'm glad you're healed now too.


Well i am 18 also but im a female so its a little more weird on me i mean ive been doing research all night and it seems that i shouldnt really have it that men should have it and not women 30% of women and 70% of men and its just my luck. But my doctor told me if i ever have to go back to get surgery then it will 100% be gone so dont worry once u get surgery then no more and its for the best no the worst and the cut to get the infection and pus what not else out was the worse @ least this time youll be knocked out wont feel a thing. GL with everything.
quote:Originally posted by Chase

Okay now, hopefully I got your guys attention.

I'm 18, and have a Pilondial Cyst.. I went to the ER and had it removed, I did the gauze thing and packaging (which hurts so much) and that for 2 weeks. It is preety much closed, a little gap is left I'd say. It was a 2x2 incision.. which didn't get the job done.

That was about a month ago, however my doctor said there was a 50/50 chance it would come back and we would have surgery then because draining it won't work.

So, the bump is starting to come back, and quite frankly it sucks and i'm fed up with it..

When I put pressure on the bump, its sore but not nearly as bad as it was before. The bump pre draining hurt to sit down, as of right now it's okay but I feel a bump is on the way.

I do have hair near the bump, but I tend to after showers wash the hole very precise.. so I would doubt hair is in there.

Thanks.. [=(]
I actually went to the doctors today (1 month stitches removed) and he said it looked great.
I told him about the Twinges, Pulling, Tugging and theQuick stabs of mild pain he said that is normal because it is the stitches that are still in there desinigrating and everything coming together.

Whew what a sigh of relief.
I had my pilonidal cysts (2) removed last September. The packing after surgery is much less painful than the packing after lancing. When you pack after a lancing, you are shoving stuff in a little tiny hole trying to make as much as you can fit so it will absorb the nastiness. The packing after surgery is just to absorb the little amount of green exudate still oozing. The gauze is just placed...not shoved...that's why it's not as bad. Hope that this helps.
That's great that the doctor said everything looks good. I'm glad he was able to explain the cause of some of the things you have been feeling. You've done very well!
i had my surgery over 4 months ago and it feels great. i just put stuff on it no bump rX after every shower. it feels fine.

if ANYONE is planing on a surgery and doesnt want to waste 6 months of taping your crack i tell you get a CLOSED SURGERY WITH RETENTION SUTHERS.

i was fine after 10 days!

so if your down and upset, just read the 5 pages of this and believe me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. i'm here for you all.

two words, retention suthers.
Hi Chase,

Glad to hear you are doing well.

By suthers you means sutures, right? Just thought I would add that because "suthers" might confuse some folks.


It's great to hear the actual saga of someone as they went through it from beginning to end! (Well, I know not great, cuz nothing about these things is great, know[8D])

I;ve been dealing with mine since 1996 when i was 15 - since then i've had 3 "official" hospital surgeries, 3 separate lancings, and a whole bunch of flare-ups in between that i was able to manage myself. Right now i am in the middle of my first week of recovery from my 3rd surgery - a Zplasty this time. I'm sooo sick of the stupid thing and i was starting to get myself into a real pity-party today until i discovered this site. i'd done a lot of research on these but this is the first time i discovered this site. i just wanted to say Congrats and Good Luck! It has just been really refreshing to see how well you have dealt with this mess.

I have one of these cysts...thank god it hasnt come back in a few years..peroxide worked the last time..after it broke I applied a compress of Hydrogen Peroxide for a few secs and so far (knock on wood) it hasnt returned..

Question..when this thing breaks has anyone actually measured the amount of stuff that comes seemed like a cup to me!! what color was it..mine was very dark!!..uughh[oyo]
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