Amy help? First timer 23 y/o

hey everyone..I'm pretty new to the pill ideal sinus. I can say that ive done my research and I'm positive I have a pilonidal sinus. A coup;e of months ago on the top right cheek of my backside I noticed a nickel size lump come up. It was sore to touch and sit on and red with fever, eventually it went away but what remained was a hard knot with a dimple under my skin. I noticed this and kind of got freaked out but I just getting new health insurance so I hadn't been able to go to the doctor. Long story short, it recently started draining. My sinus is very very small I can even see it, but I know it leaking sometimes small particles of hair, and then a clearing sometimes off whitish fluid (pus?) I'm kind of grossed out. And embarrassed. I live with my boyfriend and it's not my favorite topic of discussion. What Doctor should I go to? Any help would be appreciated
I made some spelling errors! Pilonidal sinus* also it doesn't hurt anymore. It doesn't actually hurt at all, the cyst or abcess is right under the skin so I can see/press on it to drain the fluid. It's actually getting smaller?
You should find a colorectal surgeon, they can help you with this and figure out your next step moving forward. It wasn't my favorite topic of discussion with my boyfriend either! I never showed it to him, before or after my surgery, I hated talking about it. My cyst was pretty small too and I'm pretty sure he probably googled it and saw pictures of the worst cases possible. Don't be too embarrassed though, this happens to more people then you think! It might be awkward but if your in pain and you need help, just let him know and I'm sure he'd help you!