Answer to all stubborn wound problems!

Ok so this may not work for everyone as I'm sure some people will post after this that it didn't work for them....but if you read my other posts you will see that I have been suffering from this for about 7 years. I am a 23 year old female and the whole thing has had a profound impact on my life!

Manuka Honey - medical grade - injected into the wound solved my incredibly stubborn (two) wounds in around 2 months. I had two operations, 1st was left open and never healed, large gash all down bum crack and the second operation - the Karydakis, healed in the middle but then opened up at top and bottom. I waited months for some apparently wonderful vac machine, which no doubt costed hundreds but for me it did nothing. Vac therapy is somewhat ridiculous considering where these wounds are, they require a suction pad which as you can imagine is hard to achieve in such a location!

From my experience, regular nurses (sorry to be harsh) know very little about wounds besides how to dress them. If you have a wound that is not healing speak to tissue viability, they can then try manuka honey which was an ABSOLUTE MIRACLE for me.

I wish the VERY BEST for everyone else with this disease, just keep persevering and trying new things and they will heal but if you haven't already give the honey a go.

I would be interested to know what experience other people have had with it.

Thanks for the information Lizzie.

I'm 13 months post op, and the wound is still open. 13 months full of infection, setbacks, over granulation. After every failure/setback I'm told its my anxiety to blame, which I think is totally ridiculous, I'd rather it blamed on my weight, or my fat backside for the failure of the wound healing, than someone say its my anxiety. It will be interesting if I can get better opinion on why it hasn't healed at a tissue viability centre

I'm looking into getting an appointment at the Tissue Viability service at Darlington, I'll be phoning them tomorrow to get more details.

Did you have to get your GP to refer you?
Hiya, I must say this annoys me so much!! So after 13 months they haven't considered tissue viability? It s ridiculous, it seems they will blame it on everything else but their own incompetence. Your situation sounds similar to mine, I had my second op about a year and a half ago and have only recently got success with it.

Are you still having the wound packed by nurses? I was seen by district nurses back at home in Staffordshire and they referred me to tissue viability, so I don't think it has to be the GP. They then referred me to the vac therapy people which (sorry if you already know about this) is basically a pump they attach to the wound, works really well for some but not others. Was pretty pointless for me, and the pump constantly ticks and has to be on 24hr, makes sleeping pretty tricky!

I then had the choice of having it packed daily and getting nowhere or going down to Bristol to do my Masters and just getting on with it. I did the latter and again got referred to tissue viability by the nurses in Bristol. They were fantastic and got me sorted within couple of months.

I know how frustrating it is though, it seems that it's a bit of a gamble with who you get but it is definitely the way forward!

Finally, I also got a few infections before using manuka honey, but the honey creates a brilliant healing environment which keeps the wound infection free so definitely ask about it if they don't suggest it!
Its no longer getting packed, as of last week, there is no hole to pack. But I've been here before there, just keeps opening back up. Instead of daily dressings, I'm now on monday, wednesday, friday, saturday, which will probably get reduced even less days, Have just been told to try and get as much air to it as possible, which due to the location, is pretty impossible, unless I tape my butt cheeks apart, which I don't fancy doing

The problem is now I've got through months of daily packing, I'm now going to be faced with months of getting silver nitrate applied every couple of weeks. The nurse noticed signs of it over granulating on wednesday, she said we'll give it a couple of days and see how it goes.

From mid december 2011 to early march 2012, I was getting silver nitrate put on every 2 weeks. Its an absolute joke. I'm on a waiting list for the Queen Alexandra hospital to get the cleft closure operation, but have been told the waiting times are like 2-4 months. So was hoping to give the tissue viability a go
Hey poolking, just wanted to see how you are getting on and if you had spoekn to tissue viability yet?

And crisistime I couldn't agree more. When I asked why mine was so problematic the surgeon simply said sometimes it is just because of the shape of the patient?! Great justification!
Manuka honey is just the best thing ever. Started using it after seeing the original post and it has helped me so much. I had a stubborn small area that hadn't healed after a rhomboid rotational flap operation in September. Started using this around 2 weeks ago and it has virtually healed. At first the skin in the middle of this wound healed over so it looked like 2 holes, then the bottom part of this wound healed completely. Gradually the top hole has reduced in size and should only take this week to complete healing. So after 5-6 ops over two years my pilonidal sinus hell should hopefully now be over. Thank you for suggesting this wonderful honey.
I have been stuck with a 4cmx1cm, 0.5cm deep wound for the last 6 weeks - just stopped healing. I have asked if I can try the Manuka honey, but the nurses are not keen as apparently it's for wounds that still have exudate coming out of them - mine doesn't. Has anyone used this on a wound like mine or heard if it can only be used on certain types of wounds? I'm not convinced the nurses at my practice know of all the dressings available and after 6 weeks of no change obviously keen to try something else!
Hey Lizzie! I'm a 22 y/o female & I'm currently using manuka honey on my (final) wound. In the past few weeks it's gone from a little under 1cm long to <.5 cm My wound is very superficial & we've used it in conjunction with Silver Nitrate but it seems to be working.

An aside, my main reason for using the honey was i wanted something to manage bacterial load (because of the location i figured that was inhibiting healing) We were using tea tree oil for a while (which is similar to the honey as far as reducing the bacterial load & promoting healing, except the tea tree reduces granulation tissue, whereas the honey encourages it a bit more). I got to the point where I wasn't overgranulating anymore so we switched to the honey & I have no complaints thus far. :)

Another aside i'm using the honey on the tail end of this mess (i hadn't intended that pun haha). My wounds used to be a messssss (the one was >7m deep, 4 or 5 cm long). after packings, a wound vac (which helped me) & many trips to a (competent wound care facility) I'm on the upswing.... I just didn't want anyone to think I'm whining over a teeny tiny wound. these suckers used to run deep & long & took/are taking forever to heal :(
Hi guys,

Sorry to bring up an old thread but I need help!

This is mostly for Lizzie & Lukey and anyone else I guess who has used this honey, please can you let me know where you got it from and how you applied it to the open wounds? I've had 2 operations like Lizzie, 1st one left open (all healed apart from a little hole) so had another op that was all stitched apart from a hole in the same area, this didn't heal again and the top part of my wound (which was stitched) opened up and I'm trying to get these healed without joy!

I was resigned to the fact that I'd need another operation (probably the fibrin glue which I'm hearing is successful in Derby, although I'm from Essex so a fair way to travel!) when my partner goes back to work after maternity leave but maybe just maybe this will save me, I've tried literally everything else with no joy (although I have tea tree oil arriving shortly which I haven't actually tried) so this honey is certainly worth a go and maybe one of my last thing's to try before I see another surgeon!!

Any help would be appreciated, these 5 years of hell, packing, tape on my skin (causing such sore skin and irritation) bleeding daily needs to come to an end!
Reading all your posts makes me see it's not just me struggling
I'm at the end of my tether
I had my first op 8 months ago which was fully stitched 4 infections later it opened up and never healed it took me 7 months to make the hospital see that there was something wrong I had my second op 4 weeks ago this time was left open and much bigger, turns out they found a sinus again. Well it was going really well and healing pretty well I've now gone from 4cm deep to 1cm deep and it's come to a stop and started to bleed badly which is excalty what it did before. My nurses aren't Interested in trying anything else apart from aquacel, I was referred to the wound clinic but they didn't really help me either just packed me up like the nurse and sent me on my way I'm so fed up now