Bad Odor... Infection?

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Hi. It's been a week since my surgery, open wound. The pain is finally going away but I'm noticing a foul smelling discharge. I've done my best to change the packing and flush out the wound, but me being in college leaves me with less to work with in cleaning out the wound. The packing is being changed twice and I try my best to clean out the wound with gauze in the shower. I'm noticing the greenish white goop but it smells really bad... Is this a bad sign? Should I call the doctor ASAP? I've never had surgery like this before, so I'm really nervous about everything...
Normal, expected drainage can also have a unique odor to it. My wife absolutely hates the smell, but we both know that it is normal. When do you go back to your surgeon for a follow up? Personally, I wouldn't worry too much at the present moment, but if you are concerned, you could go ahead and call. Other signs of infection that you might want to look for include fever, increased swelling, pain, and more redness. Hope this helps!
My Follow-up appointment is on the 15th. I haven't noticed any redness. Do you mean redness in or around the wound? Because I'll keep an eye out for that now.

I guess what I'm concerned about is the smell and the pain I'm still feeling. Should I still be experiencing pain to the point where it hurts to sit sometimes?
I agree... I mean the drainage from an open wound does kinda have a bad smell.. as long as it is not red or it has not gotten more painful then it is probably just the discharge- of course you'll want to bring this up to your doctor on the 15th!
Significant pain, especially upon sitting, is to be expected at only one week post op.

Being the caretaker of my son during his open wound try at healing, I can attest to the fact that even normal drainage smells bad. It took me MONTHS to get that smell out of my head.

Here's my opinion, while normal drainage smells bad, infection smells horrible[:xx], I liken it to the smell of rotting flesh/meat...which in fact, it is.

So, a bad smell is to be expected, a horrible smell of rotting flesh, is not.

It's easy to tell the difference:

normal bad smell = you wrinkle your nose

infection smell = you hold your stomach[8)]

Also, I may add: in regards to the redness, redness ON the wound, or rather IN it, is normal. What you want to look for is redness in the surrounding tissue. Because the tissue around the wound, that was not directly affected by the surgery, should not be red or swollen.

Oh, and a side note: Don't worry about the drainage being green. My son had that also and the doc told us it was fine, likely due to the iodine strips we were using to pack it with. We were using Iodoform strips...

All that being said, if you start to feel feverish or like you're coming down with something....then you need to get to the doctor ASAP. Post surgical wound infection is a dangerous thing, and you are right to be concerned.
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