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Well, that's a good idea! Wonder why it never occurred to me to email Dr. Bascom's surgical coordinator and ask if she can look him up! You're so smart!

He does say he just started doing this procedure last year, and has done 12 (we will be the 13th! Great! Just my luck! Hahaha!) and his partner in the practice has done 6. I guess that would likely indicate he IS doing this procedure, because he's in his mid-70s and been a practicing pediatric surgeon for 50 years, so if it was just the regular excision, I'll bet he's done hundreds of those!

I think I WILL email Dr. Bascom's office, though, and see if they can verify. Thanks for the great idea!


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Hey everyone.. I'm so glad I still had my account credentials. I was just thinking back about my pilonidal disease and how badly it plagued my high school experience..

I first had a Pilonidal Sinus at 13 years old.. gained 90 lbs.. and had 4 surgeries. None of which succeeded.

I then discovered this very forum and learned about the Bascom Cleft Lift when it was sort of in its infancy. I decided right then and there to go have it done by them men themselves. My surgery was performed almost 10 years ago by Dr. Tom Bascom and his father.

Since then.. Pilonidal free. Almost 10 years.

Just wanted to thank you all. If it weren't for this forum back then.. I would not have been cured.

This is also a testimonial that the surgical procedure does not only get rid of the problem.. it prevents future occurrences (knock on wood).

Much love to all, and keep your hopes high.. There is a VERY bright light at the end of the tunnel if you go the cleft lift route.

Thats awesome Ryan! I am in Oregon right now, travelled all the way from Maryland to see Dr. Bascom. Had surgery a week ago. Hopefully once everything heals my experience will be as good as yours!
Can someone share details on:
- what are risks with cleft lift?
- is it better to get it done with Dr. Thomas Bascom himself? does someone have recommendations of a doctor in Seattle area?
- After Cleft lift, does the patient still need hair removal ?
- Any experiences and do's / don'ts with cleft lift would be really helpful
I can only give you my son's experience. Cleft lift was about as easy as any surgery can be. Risks are no more than any other surgery. Dr. Bascom is the master, but there are many qualified surgeons (and a bunch that are NOT qualified!) all over the country. The list on this site, in addition to the Hall of Fame here, is a great place to start your search for a surgeon. After the cleft lift, there is no need to do hair removal, since the cleft lift alters the physical causes of pilonidal disease. You can go back to living your life as if you never had a problem, and your chances of recurrences are extremely small. My best advice to you is to do your research, get informed, and find a good surgeon.

Best of luck to you! It seems difficult now, but you're doing the right thing by starting here, and doing your research!

Be sure to keep us informed on your journey! There's lots of people here who can help you along the journey!
I also highly recommend Dr. Thomas Bascom. They were excellent to work with, as I flew into the area for my surgery. His staff was great at accomodating our schedule with airfare and appointments. The recovery between the cleft and open excision is night and day. Although I hope I never have to, I would certainly fly up to see him again if needed. I just hope that they continue to educate more physicians for the procedure. He even understood my desire to get back to cycling and reassured me that, although it could be slightly more likely to result in a recurrence, I could do it. My fiance and I are now scheduled for a 2 day mountain bike trip next month and I've been avidly road biking....
I am so happy that more people have become aware of how amazing Dr Thomas H.Bascom is. What his father started so long ago is still giving people there lives Back!
I lived with two infected pits for 13 years because I did not know what to do and was scared of everything I saw. The final straw for me was not being able to tend to my own family or have a life of any kind I was consumed with when is the next flare up going to happen? am I going to make it this time? I did alot of rescherce on every Dr in my area there was no one I felt confident enough to do the surgery at this point I moved my search out of Califorina guided by the information I found On the internet and in books I knew I had to go to Springfeild,Or
I had a Gluteal Cleft Lift done almost one year ago in march everything he said to me was what I need to Hear and that i was not alone. I have my life back!! with a very small scar as a reminder of the past. I would highly recommend Dr.T.Bascom. He truly gave me back my life and I am forever thankful.
Hello everyone i had the cleft lift with Dr. Bascom 7 weeks ago and i feel better than i have in two years. Quick question for those who have had the cleft lift. Did you have some swelling on the scar line after sitting down for an extended period of time? I notice when I am at work sitting the scar line seemes to swell/get hard. In the morning this is usually gone. It is not inflamed or painful its just like hardening on the scar line. Is this normal?