Bascom simple technique v. cleft closure.

Hi all. I found this today while searching some articles through my school's website. I am assuming the "simple technique" refers to pit picking, and the cleft closure referes to the cleft lift? I am confused though, since I though the cleft lift required general anesthesia. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Still new! But I thought it was interesting none the less.

A prospective randomized controlled trial of simple Bascom's technique versus Bascom's cleft closure for the treatment of chronic pilonidal disease

American Journal of Surgery; Feb2009, Vol. 197 Issue 2, p189-192,

Abstract: Background: The aim of this study was to determine which of Bascom's simple techniques, Bascom's simple surgery or Bascom's cleft closure, is preferred in the management of moderate-severity pilonidal disease. Methods: Fifty-five patients with chronic pilonidal disease were randomized to receive Bascom's simple surgery (n = 29) or cleft closure (n = 26) under local anesthetic. The primary end point was time to healing. Patients were followed up for a median of 3 years (range, .7–4 y). Results: After Bascom's simple surgery, 5 of 29 patients did not heal and proceeded to cleft closure. The remaining patients healed at a median of 4 weeks (range, 3–35 wk). After cleft closure, 21 of 26 wounds healed primarily on removal of sutures at 10 to 13 days. The remaining 5 wounds healed at a median of 4.5 weeks (range, 2–5 wk). Fifty of 55 (91%) patients were contacted for follow-up evaluation, disease recurrence occurred in 2 of 24 after Bascom's simple surgery and in 0 of 26 after cleft closure. Conclusions: Cleft closure offers more predictable healing than Bascom's simple surgery, with less need for re-operation. Disease recurrence is more prevalent after Bascom's simple surgery.