Best anesthesia method ?

What kind of anesthesia did you receive ?

  • Local

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • General ( fully unconscious)

    Votes: 10 71.4%
  • Local + iv

    Votes: 4 28.6%

  • Total voters


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It depends on what kind of surgery you are talking about. If it's just debridement, or a pit picking, or a cleft lift... If it's just debridement, and you DON'T have an infection, local would probs be best. General for anything bigger than that.

Though, if you do have an infection, and you need a debridement, the best thing to do is NOT get local, since the local anesthetic MAY NOT WORK if you have an infection. Hurts worse, actually. They, of course, don't tell you this until AFTER they start.
They tried local on me in the doctors office, but it wasn't working, so I was sent to the hospital to be put under anesthesia and have a proper drainage. In was told they put me on the stuff Michael Jackson overdosed on.
All 3 of my surgerys they knocked me out all the way and I had an over night Hospital stay for all 3 as well. The removal I just had done 5 days ago they really knocked me out, that was the first time ever they had to force me awake, I'm usually waking up to soon. I have had a local one time while I had a abscess cut and drained on my inner thigh last year and I never let anyone cut me when I'm awake, besides when I had my C-Section and I had no choice and I wasent nice about it ;) but that particular Dr. Was very nice and I trusted him and he gave me a good amount of pain meds. Before he stuck me with the locals, I really don't like needles and I was already in pain, I didn't want to feel needles gabbing me, it was fine, it took 30min and I got to go home and that's why I opted for the local. It takes forever when they put you under. It's a lot more dangerous going all the way under, especially if you have any breathing problems and people have to be completely honest with the anastesioligist about alcohol consumption or drug use and many don't want to do that and it can cost people there lives, that's sad. Sorry for going on and on. Thanks. Nicole
I had spinal anesthesia for my cleft lift. It was great: I highly recommend. They gave me an IV and it knocked me out before they got the needle in my spine. I woke up after the surgery feeling great.


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General... Put me under after that horrid lancing experience where I felt everything. I was very happy to go under. Nervous, but happy. Woke up and asked when they were going to start.