Bleeding after stitches removed

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Like I said before I had surgery on Feb 8th and I had my stitches removed the other day. I've had quite a bit of bleeding since they were removed, its not gushing or anything but I have to change my gauze a couple times a day. I thought it was almost done bleeding last night but then I woke up this morning and it hadn't. I'm not in any pain or anything. I actually feel better with the stitches out. Also its a light colored blood, not dark red. I don't know if that means anything. Any replies would be great.:)
Hi riven,

If the blood is fresh (bright) and there's no yellow discharge, no pain, no fever, etc, then it may be ok. The chances are there's a wee bit of your wound that hasn't healed up yet, that's frequently the case after the stitches were taken out. If you're worried get it checked out by your doctor/nurses, but keep it clean and dry, and try airing it a couple of times a day (leaving it exposed to the air to dry it), I found this helped me.

Good luck!! :)
Hi riven,
I only had a bit of blood after my stitches were out because a suture hole was irritated so see if the blood is coming from the midline or where the stitches actually were. I also had the tiniest hole at the bottom because 1 hair was stuck so when that was pulled out with tweezers, the hole closed up.
As natabz said, keep it very clean and dry so I have said a couple times I used a blow dryer on cold setting to make sure it isnt too moist back there as bacteria love that. I had my stitches for over 3 weeks so having them taken out was wonderful! Sometimes peoples wounds arent as healed if the stitches weren't left in long enough from what I've seen on here so that's why my surgeon left mine in for so long.
Light colored blood just means it still has oxygen ie.coming away from the heart so fresh blood, not clotted... that is normal when you have a wound.

Any other questions regarding closed surgery healing, feel free to ask as I am now almost exactly 5 months after surgery. good luck :D
Thanks for the replies, both of you. I had my stitches removed one week after surgery. I thought it was too soon but I guess my doctor didn't. It looks like I still have some stitches on the inside of the wound (if that makes any sense). I also have been using a blow dryer on the wound to dry it. Maybe its not getting enough oxygen? Maybe I just need to relax.
Oxygen could be a factor, Sasha told me to 'air' mine twice a day to ensure it does get enough oxygen! Yep I had stitches on the inside too, they're dissolvable, but it did freak me out a bit a week after my stitches were out when my nurse said she could see one of the stitches through the open part of the wound!!! It did dissolve tho, so don't worry, and do try to relax! :) :)
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