Can this be true???

Hi all. Ok I posted on here a few days ago about my 12 year old daughter and her struggle with a pilonidal cyst. She went to her primary yesterday (because we have to have a referal from him to see the surgeon again) and he said something I haven't heard before. It's his opinion that these cysts have a high occurence rate in people that are overweight and that this especially true in overweight children. Is this true???? Would just like some input from others out there that have it or families dealing with this.

Also on another note.... I'm just wondering... this is for those that have had a cleft lift more than once. The doctor that did her last surgery told me at the time time that it was just a really good clean out. Now they tell me (after I ask them if she's a candidate for a cleft lift) that was what they did the last time. We have an appointment with the surgeon for next Friday to discuss options for her and my question is... Is there anyone that has had a cleft lift and then had another pilonidal cyst, in the same general area, and then had a second cleft lift? If so, what was the sucess rate of the second surgery???
At this point we've been told to keep packing twice a day with silver nitrate ribbon and take Dakin baths. She's been taken out of school for the second time and they estimate she might be able to return mid March if it's closed up by then and that it's a big IF! She's already missed the fist quarter of school and now she's going to miss the third quarter of school. She is being homeschooled during this time but it's not the same as being in school. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to get my daughter back to a normal life.........
IF she got the Cleft lift, there would really be no reason to pack a wound. I did put some gauze between my cheeks for any excess blood/drainage not to get on my panties but no packing was necessary. Does she have an open wound? Or was it stitched with stitches?

About the overweight issue, I was thinner when I had my first pilonidal issue. When I had my second issue, I was overweight. I don't think there's really a correlation with being overweight and getting pilonidal cysts. But I do think recovering from surgery is a lot easier if your in a healthier weight.

Do you live in the US? I'd check out the list of Hall of Fame Surgeons. Make an appt with a doctor that is known to have successful cleft lift surgeries. Since she's had other operations, I'd def. go to someone who knows what's s/he's doing.

Best of luck to you!