Cancelled Surgery- Chicken?

I cancelled my surgery. Six days after my first appointment with colo- rectal surgeon. It was schedule for mid February, excision with primary closure was the "plan".

I don't know if I'm chicken or practicing due diligence. It just all happened too fast. I just had the consult with surgeon last week. I wasn't even there for the non- painful cyst that won't drain all the way. I was there for what my internalist and gyno called an exterior polyp on my actual anus. Turns out it's just a skin tag, most likely from a small fissure that healed. No risk. Cosmetic. Big sigh of relief, until I heard-"but this, "THIS", being lump to the left of my cleft, has got to go."

Within 10 minutes, I had appointments for blood work, EKG, consult with anesthesiologist, and a date booked in day surgery. Maybe my health insurance is too good, if there can be such a thing.

1. I really don't feel like I've researched all the options.
2. I'm not confident it is pilonidal as opposed to Hidadentis Suppurative which I suffered with all my adult life and managed very well to date. Reading more and learning more, my cyst acts more like HS than a typical pilonidal. (No pits in the ditch. One sinus, but not in midline) I've only been able to manage my HS well because I'm actively involved in my disease and confident in my health care decisions. I don't feel that confidence now.
3. Elective surgery in February? Okay, it snows here. Blizzards. Northeasters. That's just plain idiotic! I am alone so I will be dependent on family, friends, and probably visiting nurses. They can't get to me or me to hospital if we have a huge storm. And yes news coverage this weekend got me freaking. I lucked out, but just 100 miles south of me got pummeled with 3 feet of snow. End of April sounds better. Maybe September.

Chicken? Reasonable? I don't know. But it just didn't feel right.
If it didn't feel right then it didn't feel right! If your not ready or have more questions then that's your personal choice. A time will come when you'll be ready! People put surgery on hold for many reasons, just do it when you feel good about it!