Cleft Lift Aug. 25

The appointment went well! The part thats open isnt lining up exactly so its going to take that a bit longer. Other than that she thought it was going well. I just have to keep an eye on things. I go back in a month! So i will keep everyone posted then or if something comes up.
Thank you! Im going to be now, just really wanted to make sure not to make that spot worse or something. She said not to squat and to work up to bending pretty much


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Just thought id post an update. Yesterday was 6 weeks.
Ive been doing well overall. Im still getting the draining at night which i dont know if thats odd or not. Then i had a scare yesterday after i got up from sitting i went into the bathroom and noticed some bleeding. I had my mom take a look and it looks like part of a scab came off prematurely. I have been walking and sitting longer. I just thought some of the draining would have been less by now. I did call yesterday and talked to the PA. She said it can be normal as long as im not gushing or consistently bleeding throughout the day. She said your body would either want to absorb it or release it. I just have to keep an eye on it.
Week 8:

Went to see here a bit early since she is off next week plus i was just wanting her to look at it as i was concerned maybe it was at a stand still. But it went very well, she said it looked great and she measured it today, its only a cm deep and an inch long of the part thats open. Its a pin hole and then another hole with a piece of skin separating the two but they connect underneath. So all together an inch and a half. She thinks there will be no problems going forward and i go back nov 18th. I was just a bit nervous because of what i had to go through with my other surgery. Even with it open a bit this is the best ive felt in over a year :)
Great news Brandon! Glad you are feeling better!
Week 12:
Sorry i havent posted in awhile. Things seem to be going very well! I was supposed to see the doctor yesterday but i live near Buffalo lol. So they were closed as her office is located in one of the hardest hit spots from this storm. So it has been scheduled for next Tuesday the 25th, exactly 13 weeks from when the surgery was. I have been feeling really good, i have a very small spot now from what my mom has seen. I try to keep the hair away to help the healing. Its just about to the surface. Took a bit longer for me but hey its the best ive felt in over a year. I just want to hear whet the doctor has to say and im hoping its all good. More so want clearance to do things and get back to my job. So i will let everyone know. Hope all of you have been doing great! Happy healing and holidays.