Cleft Lift Aug. 25

Just looked to be an infection that was there in the wound and the hair didnt help with the healing. The nitrate didnt hurt at all she only used a tiny bit. Didnt feel it. Thanks!
Sorry i havent been on in awhile! Went and saw the doc today. Its 3 holes again. 2 are the size of a toothpick and the other is still the cue tip size. Very shallow. Another round of antibiotics and she wants to put a bit of aquacell packing in the base. Im a bit lost. So just got to wait another 2 weeks. Other tan that i feel pretty damn good. Just getting really tired of this.


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Hey sorry for my delay. I saw the doc yesterday. There is just now one hole again. It went down from 2 cm to one cm in 2 weeks. She thought it looked alot better and im just hoping it keeps going well. I go back in 3 weeks and im still packing it as best as we can because there isnt a whole lot of room. Still just nervous and not wanting the others to come back but she did check to make sure it wasnt going up to where they were. It started to bleed again of course because of checking it. Not a lot though. Just want this sucker to close up so i can move on. Still very encouraged she was as well, just taking longer than expected. Hope all of you are doing well!
Brandon - I had open wound surgery in August 2014. It healed up fine in about 8 weeks, but within 2 or 3 weeks of getting the all clear from my surgeon I had a hole open up in the incision. Slightly bigger than a Q-tip but less than a cm across. I went back twice every four weeks and the surgeon did the same thing you describe - poke at it to make sure it wasn't tunneling and then silver nitrate. He wasn't concerned and just said "it's a difficult place for a wound to heal" But then in January, 3 months after the original wound healed, two more small "dimple like" holes opened up above the Q-tip hole. All three bleed intermittently with minor pain and kinda open and close every few days. They look just like the pits I had before the flare up that caused my August surgery. I opted not to go back to my original surgeon and just schedule cleft lift with Dr. Sternberg in San Francisco. I'm just assuming that the disease is back (or was never completely gone) but since your doc doesn't seemed concerned that you have 3 holes it's making me wonder if I'm over reacting. I do have minor pain, very subtle, but recognizable. Did your doc give you any more information or reasons why she didn't think it was a re-occurrence?