Cleft Lift in a Week-post op

I didn't go #2 until day 3 post op and everything went fine! Don't worry about it :)
Brandonw, they do get removed, I have an appointment on Monday the 21st to get them and hopefully the drain out!

Thanks for the reassurance sl1992, I feel a bit better :)
I'm only 14 years old and I'm worried. Lately I've been experiencing painful stretching near top of my butt crack. Sometimes it bleeds. I have to sit in a certain position for it not to hurt. I'm worried because I'm so young. I get this at least twice a year. I'm experiencing it right now. I first thought this was happening because I was constantly sitting on hard surfaces for long periods of time. I realize this isn't the problem.What should I do.
Day 3:
This is my first day staying home alone. My mom is taking an hour lunch and coming to see me in case I need anything, so looking forward to human interaction instead of talking to a 6 month old puppy! Last night was much better, I took a full pain pill and was able to sleep from 12-6, when I had to get up and use the bathroom. Took another one and fell back asleep another 4 hours! They weren't kidding when they said I would get tired easily!
Still draining like a champ, I had hoped it would slow by now so I could get the thing out but no dice. I suppose that's good though, getting all that fluid out of there instead of it building up.
I am able to sit for about 5 min when I eat my meals, it gets sore and then I stand up and finish. Stitches area is starting to bruise now so I feel a little bit of the bruising pressure but not any worse than if I had a normal bruise. So whereas my pain was at about a 2-3 yesterday, it's back down to a 0-1 (I have had many bruises in my day :) ) I also think it had something to do with taking a full pill instead of 1/2, but I needed to time it so I could take a full one at 12 last night.
I will keep updating, if not solely for my own sanity haha


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lol very cool. Sounds like things are going well. That is good on the draining and getting all that stuff out. It is only day 3. Also seems you are moving around ok. Glad to hear. Thanks for the update!

As for you charlie I would create a new thread for your question. My advice though would be to see a doc to verify thats what it is. Sounds like it to me. Then you should have more options and choices to take from that. They may put you on some antibiotics. Then keep an eye on it from there since you are a bit younger. If you have any other questions you can ask!
Hi Charlie, go ahead and call your doctor, or have a parent call if you are nervous. They will be able to diagnose it and help you and your parents decide what the best course of action is (antibiotics, etc). If you do have a pilonidal cyst, I would highly recommend you and your parents read this site, it helped me better understand what was going on.
I agree with Brandonw, it will help to start your own thread so people will be able to see it and respond directly to you :)
Going into day 4:
The drainage is now mostly fluid, whereas before it was mostly blood.
My body is sore from only laying on my stomach/side, and a little more sore around the incision site when I woke up but that has gone now. Stitches are not bruising as much as I thought, only a bit tan around the area which I think is good.
But!! Big milestone for me, I conquered my fear of the bathroom!! Of course there was nothing to worry about like everyone here said.

I just want to give a shout out to all the caregivers on this site, we have it rough while we are healing, but they also walk through it with us. My husband now has to do all the housework, laundry, dishes, dog duties, cooking, grocery shopping on top of a full time labor intensive job and the yard work and other house chores that he does, and with all that he still takes care of me. Same goes for the people who take time and energy out of their days to help him take care of everything, like my parents. I feel very blessed and honored to be sharing this time of my life with them.
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Thats awesome to hear! definitely a step in the right direction. A big part of healing is having great people in your life that will help you step by step. It helps put your mind at ease and not having to stress as much. Its a trying time and its difficult at times but you can look back on this journey. Keep that positive attitude and im sending thoughts and prayers your way. Hope all continues to go great !!
Day 5:
The fluid is a watery brownish reddish. I was trying to find the section on here that talks about serous fluid but I must be missing it. The stuff that shows up on the gauze is mostly clear and on the edges is the color of dried blood but idk what it is really. It did drip a reddish brownish though. The drainage is still slowing down.
I don't have much of an appetite but I have been eating mostly protein and fruit and vegetables. And taking my vitamins. My mom did the happy dance, she used to fight to get me to take my vitamins when I was younger, all it took was a surgery to get me to take them!
I shower like 2 times a day to keep it clean, and use nothing but baby wipes to clean the drainage (thanks sl1992!!)
Pain is getting better as well, I'm not jumping my next dosage anymore and can wait the full 6 hrs. I would say it's a solid 0-1 on the pain scale.
Stitches still look good, only slight bruising from what I can see, but my vantage point is very shadowy because of how the light shines.
My husband was helping me go up and down stairs yesterday, our bedroom is on the first floor with our bathroom so I don't really need to go upstairs but he read the hospital directions and is insistent that I follow them...including taking stairs. Took me a good 5 minutes but I went up and down those stairs! (With his help of course)
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When you say draining, is it draining w/ the draining pump thingy? or draining along the stitches?
I actually have what is called a Penrose drain, it looks like a squished straw that pokes out from the incision. I keep a piece of gauze in front of it so it catches the drainage. As far as I can tell, the stitches themselves are not draining or bleeding or anything
Got it. Thanks for clarifying!
No problem elly!
I sure hope this thing comes out soon, most of the time I don't mind it and it doesn't hurt but it just freaks me out that there is a foreign object in I have an appointment Monday morning so here's hoping!
I still couldn't find the section on serous fluid but I have come to the conclusion that that is what it must be, it's not bloody anymore (it was a really bright red). The area isn't red or inflamed so it's definitely not infected, I would be very surprised considering how much I baby the stupid thing haha
Day 6:
Today is not so good.
There was more drainage from last night and today, more than I feel like there should have been. I'm afraid I did something to it.
I will run out of pain pills by the time I have my appointment, I read the paperwork wrong and it is actually on Wednesday, not Monday. So to make them last for sleeping's sake and for whenever I get these stitches and drain out, I took 2 Advil almost 3 hrs ago and hoped for the best. Still waiting for the best to show up. My whole body aches, my legs from walking weird, my butt from being cut open, my back and stomach, my neck... I knew the prescribed painkillers were hiding more pain that just the incision, and I let myself believe that there really was no other pain.
The rain and gross weather aren't helping. I just feel kind of down, and hope this is the only day I will allow myself to feel sorry for myself.
Girlbooty, I'm so sorry today isn't going well for you! I hope the advil helps with at least some of the pain/soreness/aches from the surgery. Can you lay down and sleep or just watch a movie?