Cleft Lift in a Week-post op


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Real sorry to hear:( Thats not a good feeling. It will all be ok. The Drainage isn necessarily a bad thing. Its good that its coming out. I hope you start to feel better! The weather does suck right now lol
Thanks guys, I have been trying not to think about it, distracting myself with netflix (Netflix=mercy) and salted roasted almonds hehe. Trying to keep my sprits up knowing that this drain can't stay in forever. It's what is causing so much soreness in the area, it's not the incision so much as having a stupid straw coming out if it...ew lol.
Was able to stretch out my legs but I would give anything to have someone crack my back!!
And side note, can I just say how addicting game of thrones is? I'm on the third book!


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Thats great then! Lol thats how i coped with it netflix became a real good thing to have lol. Watched quite a bit of stuff. I havent read the books but i heard they are super! I havent watched the show either. If you like that you would probably like the vikings on the history channel. My favorite show.
The only thing I can suggest is maybe switching from advil to tylenol extra strength? I had a slightly different cleft lift than yours (mine didn't have a drain) but for my surgery it was in my post op care instructions not to take asprin or ibprofen/advil (which contains asprin) because of its blood thinning capabilities.

I hope everything gets better! Stay strong!
You know what I had no idea it had blood thinning capabilities...nor did I know that aleve slows wound healing, good thing I only tried Advil! My husband is going out for Tylenol extra strength, thanks so much for the advice!!
Side note, my friend recommended Vikings, but i don't have the history channel unfortunately
You can call your doc on Monday to try and push up your appointment or get more meds. No reason to suffer.
Hi Robert, I had thought of doing that but the Tylenol seems to be working better than Advil, I am very comfortable with no aches, soreness or pangs in the area. They won't refill a prescription painkiller without an appointment, so by the time they could get me in there I might as well have waited for my Wednesday appointment, you know?
(And I am looking forward to getting off these! :) )
Day 7:
I am feeling much better today, pain wise and attitude. Since being off the prescription painkillers I can stay awake longer ad not get tired so easily. I actually folded a whole load of laundry and made our bed without getting tired or feeling like my booty was going to fall out.
Husband is off running errands, so I have a lot of time to kill. My brother was So kind as to bring over his old ps2, and some games that we used to play together (oh yeah it was all about the ps2 back in the day when it was like the most recent and exciting technology) so here I am playing video games haha


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Good to hear you are feeling better today. Those pills always made me feel drowsy also. Lol nice on the playstation. I still have mine and i was playing Spyro the other day. Brings back memories. Always had good games for that system. I cant believe its already been a week.
I'm glad to hear the Tylenol worked! Soon enough the pain will go away just give it a couple more days. Also as I type i'm eyeing the PS2 in the corner of my room haha.
Day 8:
I called the surgeons office this morning because I don't know how much more I can take of this drain. Last night I soaked through the pad I. was wearing and I have had enough of this. The nurse there said that if it is still draining fluids, it might have to stay in longer but she didn't know the criteria for it to come out. She offered to put in a page for Dr Zerfas to talk to me but I don't think I could have talked without crying. Honestly that was the most crushing thing she could have said. I can deal with the stitches, the soreness, the no bending or lifting or whatever but this drain is really wearing on me. What if it has to stay there and my body just heals around it? Do they have to cut it out then?
I begged God for torrential draining today and tomorrow so this awful thing can come out on Wednesday and I put on a maxi pad to prepare. This can't go on forever!
The fluid is still that same reddish brownish. It's not thick, it's very runny and it does have a distinct odor. Nowhere near as smelly as the pus from the cyst though so I still don't think it's infected. The incision is also not red. I think I am in good shape as far as incision health.
I was able to go outside and water my herbs and take out the trash (bathroom trash...not as heavy hehe) so that felt good, and my puppy came out with me.
I think he thought I was taking him for a ride! Sorry puppy, not for a little longer.


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Sorry to hear that. Is it pretty sore with that drain in there? It should all work out. Still probably very annoying. Its good to get that stuff out though. Sucks at the same time. Good to hear on the incision itself. It was a nice day today. That helps in a way to take your mind off things
Yeah it's the only sore spot that I have, not even around the rest of the stitches. Just trying to keep a good attitude about it, even if it doesn't come out on Wednesday, that gets me out of a thing on Saturday that I really didn't want to go to *cackle*

It was gorgeous today!! Seeing the sun come out was awesome. I heard it was suppose to get up to 90 this week


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Thats good i guess. Still can imagine that is such an odd feeling. When she drew it out for me the incision is off the midline does that drain get in the way at all?

Lol! That would work for me, although it would still be nice to have it removed It would be a plus then if you get out of it.

It sure was! It helps motivate me a bit because it can be a bit of a downer on the rainy ones. I didnt see the weather so we should be in for a good humid one then!
My incision is also off the midline but I think I have one suture in the middle at the bottom, unfortunately I don't know if it is a separate suture just to hold the drain in place, or if it connects to the incision at the bottom. Anyways, the drain is at the bottom, and it goes straight outwards. I imagine this is to keep it from being pushed inwards/bent (oy). I am going to have to ask my husband to have a look later to see how the drain connects to everything.

Were you able to schedule your surgery?


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Ok cool. Im not sure how it works with that. Let me know what he thinks. It sounds like that would be the case because it would have to be held in some how. Ive seen pics where the drain comes out of the top of the cheek.

Ive been keeping in contact because she is out of network since she is newer. Trying to get it approved out of the net. So its been a bit of a process. I dont like waiting the sooner the better lol. Im hoping it doent take much longer. My current wound is fairly deep again so i want to get it addressed.
Day 9:
Well I had my first scare this morning. When I woke up to use the bathroom I noticed that there was a spot of actual blood on the gauze. Naturally I flipped out, and my husband had already left for work. I cleaned it out as best I could and didn't see any more blood. That placated me long enough to will myself back to sleep to see if maybe it would happen again. Thankfully it did not but I am on the watch for it. It is on my list of questions to ask her tomorrow.
The fluid is becoming less red and more yellowy which I am taking to be a good sign. The only real frustration today is my inability to thoroughly MASH this gargantuan spider on the ceiling. More on that later.
Oh man insurance companies are the pits, honestly. Very sorry. Who's your carrier, if you don't mind my asking?
Could you get a wound vac in the meantime? Maybe to get it to close a little bit?


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Hmmm could you tell where it came from, like middle of gauze bottom? That would make me paranoid a bit. It could just be a bit from stitches maybe. At least it wasnt a crazy amount.

Lol i dont like spiders one bit. I like to use books to get the job done.

Yes they are. My first surgeon was out of network. They got that approved so im hoping the same. The information was sent in. I called yesterday. They usually are very helpful and friendly to me. I dont mind at all. I have US family health plan.

The vac was brought up to me but i dont know how well it would work. The length is only an inch and a half. The depth is the worst part so im not sure if it would just close at the top.