Cleft Lift in a Week-post op

Day 10:
THE DRAIN IS OUT!!!!! Words cannot express how happy I am right now!! I could barely feel it, and it looked like a little beige straw, maybe about 4-5" long. She even took out 3 of my top stitches. I still have to take it easy, sitting as it feels comfortable, but I can sit so much more comfortably now that the stupid thing is out!!
I do still need to stick gauze in there to catch any drainage coming out but I don't mind the gauze. I have another appointment next Tuesday, my goal is to be able to fully sit down and rest for at least 5 minutes. I am able to sit leaning forward, and then I only have to use my arms for balance. In the car I had some trouble on the way there and it was not good (bumped it while I was getting in and almost cried) but on the way back there was only minor discomfort. I didn't drive though because I had taken a lortab just in case. Good thing I didn't, because I was rather dopey and kept mixing up rights and lefts....I DO know my directions lol.
She said everything looked good, there was no sign of infection, just keep doing what I was doing which is a whole lot of laying around.
I got the little write up thing, and the official size of my "specimen" (cysty stuff) was 7.5" long, 4.5" deep and 3.86cm wide. That little sucker was deep. The cyst itself was .6cm, and it says the skin ellipse is 6.7" long and 1.3 cm wide. I *think* the 6.7" is how long the actual cleft lift was, like the actual skin shift? Idk I'm just speculating, mostly typing because I'm too excited not to. THE DRAIN IS OUT!!!!


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Wow Congrats! Thats excellent news. Im sure you are pretty excited now lol. Thats good it didnt have to be in any longer. So when you say you keep gauze to catch any drainage, do you mean where the drain was or where the stitches were?

Sounds like it was a pretty large incision/cyst it nice to get that all taken care of. Very happy for you!
Thanks! There is still a hole where the drain was, so fluid is still coming out of there but my comfort level is so much higher without that drain. The fluid is getting less brownish and more yellowish orangish, so I think that means there is a higher concentration of serous fluid and less blood which I believe is a good thing
That's awesome about the drain! Just another step closer to being fully healed! =) The abscess was really deep. What did they w/ something so deep? Do they do inside stitches? And just sew everything inside, and then sew it up from the outside too?
Thanks! :) My husband told me that I had dissolvable stitches on the inside, so I just assumed that since it was so deep they needed to help me close up. I never thought to ask, I am thinking that is going on my list of questions to ask her next week!
Very happy for you, congrats. Random question, do people typically get to see the cyst after their procedure? If I ever get it removed, I'd like to see it so I can curse at it and maybe stab it with a scalpel.
Thanks :) Haha I don't blame you one bit! I'm sure if you request to see it, the surgeon will happily oblige!
Day 11:
I am doing so much better without the drain. I haven't had to take a pain pill since 7am yesterday morning. There has been little to no drainage except for two orangey spots this morning. I even went grocery shopping (albeit very very very slowly)!
I am able to sit comfortably leaning forward, for about 10 minutes. I think yesterday I sat the most I have since I got the surgery. I have to remind myself that I do still have stitches in the area and it is still healing so I don't overdo anything. I did wake up a bit sore but after laying on my stomach for half an hour it feels better.
Back to my Buffy marathon!


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Good good! What a relief to have that out i bet. Its good that you are getting out of the house that helps. Enjoy your show, I havent seen that in forever lol. My sisters husband is obsessed with her lol.
Day 15:
Wow I can't believe it has been 2 weeks already!
I am doing well, the drainage has decreased even more but it is pretty steady at this decreased rate. It's more an orangey yellow now.
I can walk with a more normal stride and sit for 20 minutes on my tush Cush. I also sat for about an hour on Saturday on a normal chair that had padding on it. I can sit for a long time on either side but I get scared if I sit too long straight on it, I'm terrified of splitting the scar. I haven't driven yet because I am still unable to sit comfortably in the car. I may try sitting without the cushion.
Tomorrow I have another appointment with the surgeon and I think all of my stitches have to come out. My husband said that my skin is starting to grow up on them. So then it will be teaching the skin to stretch and getting that drainage hole to close up.
Two weeks from now I will be back at work (with the surgeons release note of course, thank you health insurance). I'm so ready to put all this behind me and forget I ever had this nasty disease!
Day 16:
Today was interesting. I believe I overdid it this weekend with a lot of sitting that my body wasn't ready for and my incision was excruciatingly sore. I did take hydrocodone to get to sleep last night. I had my appt today and while I was eating my yogurt this morning, I got really light headed, blacked out and passed out. I was lucky to fall on my side, and luckier that my husband was home. I asked the surgeon why that would happen, and she said I probably wasn't eating enough bc the painkillers make me lose my appetite.
I also had some lumpy white odorless discharge which she said was either protein or fat that had become dislodged.
All my stitches are out now and she warned me that my drain hole, although smaller, could open up again so I will be on the lookout for that.
I think I am on the slower side of healing, and may have to take another week off work. Was really hoping to avoid that.


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Ok well glad everything was ok when you passed out. Still a freaky situation. It is a deeper incision so it will take a bit. How does it feel without stitches?
Thanks Brandon. It is still sore from Saturday and yesterday but much more manageable. It's so nice that the stitches are out, the soreness along the top of the skin is gone :):) just now have to work on healing the inside part!
YAY!! on getting the stitches out! I bet it's a relief not worrying about them getting tugged/pulled when you bend o move your body.

As far as eating goes, get some protein powder. Making smoothies or just added water to it. Gives you the calories you need in drink form.
Thanks elly! It is very nice :)

I do have organic protein, but it looks like it is pretty low calorie/low sugar. I am going to take you up on smoothies, that should boost me up pretty good! Thanks for the suggestion!


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Thats good to hear! I would imagine it will still feel weird for a couple days after. Protein will definitely help. Just make sure to add some fiber to because it could bind things up a bit lol.
Day 17:
Still in pain, but it is managed with Tylenol extra strength. There was quite a bit of blood this morning but I did bleed a little when she took out the 3 stitches last week so I'll check again tomorrow. If there is still the amount of blood that was there today I am going to call the surgeons office.

My mom thought maybe the reason it has been hurting is because the nerves are finally reconnecting. It makes sense because the pain is deep under the skin, and mine was 4.5" deep. Anyone have any thoughts?
Kinda, it was heavier towards the bottom which was expected since she said the drain hole may get a bit bigger, but there is blood throughout where the sutures were and it hasn't slowed. I'm terrified this means the wound is breaking down and opening up...