Cleft Lift in a Week-post op


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Hmmm. Probably not the greatest things to hear. Im hoping that it will be taken care of. They didnt call me yesterday. They gave my insurance the wrong dates so now im waiting on that fix lol,
It was very difficult to hear, but I was cleared to sit unless it hurt, which is something that I actually wanted to hear. I did sit for about a minute until it started to hurt

Edit: forgot to mention, I was told that if this draining does not lessen or if this gets worse, there is a possibility of opening the incision back up. I am getting a second opinion from the wound care clinic that I found.
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sounds like you didn't have a perfect heal up like me.....most of my scar was fine but two weeks after surgery, a draining hole opened up to let out trapped fluid, took ages for that to heal....several months later I had a rip open up with lots of scary bleeding, this happened again about every two months for I think it was a 6 month period....both took awhile to heal, I was tapebutt for about a year until I was finally cleared, tiny holes taking their time, it wasn't all that bad but the wait was just ugh.......

still I'm glad I did the cleft lift though....
Yeah...this has been awful. I was ok until the stitches came out and everything just tanked. Spent most of the last week in pain and having disgusting drainage and the incision stretching. And now she says she might have to open it back up.
Like I said I'm going to ask the wound care clinic and if she wants to open it, I am going to get yet another opinion.
How long did the entire ordeal take you?

I really want to start a family, and if this keeps going the way it is, that's not happening any time soon. I think that's the worst part of this. If I had this done before I was married/in college, I don't think it would bother me so much.
it'll hopefully get better, some of us just get the not so easy time.....

hopefully they don't open it back up, open is not fun so I hear.....


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Its not a fun situation which you are in. Im hoping you can get this all figured out. Is she at least helpful about it? What would be the point of going back in?
Actually she is not very helpful...trying to get her to explain is like pulling have to ask very specific questions, and then you only get a one sentence answer.
I didn't get so far as asking what's the point, it threw me off that she said it and I was trying not to cry. I believe from what I read it's a last ditch effort to get the wound to heal...but mine is closed, it's only opening to drain. Even the section at the top that stretched open is closed, I can see the closed pink tissue. And the only reason it stretched was because I had such a big fluid buildup.
The fluid is now this thick pink, the only thing I can think of to compare it to is the color of that pink stuff they put on your teeth to fit you for braces, and the consistency is wet but like kefir (thick but runny). I can smell it only when I hold it close to my nose, and there is a faint musky-ish smell. It doesn't really smell like infection-pus (at least not like it did when my cyst ruptured).
This is just so weird. Of course mine would be the atypical
I do too, I don't understand why she had to scare me by saying it may need to be opened. I am already walking better and can bend a bit further than I could. Generally I am more comfortable, and less afraid of tearing something when I sit (up to 2 minutes now lol). When I cough I'm not afraid it's going to pop open anymore whereas before it felt like anything could pop right through it. If it wasn't for the fluid I would be recovering fairly well. But we shall see tomorrow when my antibiotic runs out what she says.


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It sounds to me that infection was your problem not the draining per se. It's very important to get any infection under control quickly. I'm guessing that's why she wants to see you back. The changes in the discharge sound encouraging. When you say open it back up- do you mean and pack the wound until it closes-or redo the cleft lift?
Lilly, I think you're right. I believe I did have an infection, deep down so it was hard to detect and no real outward sign of it (no redness, hot to touch, fever, etc). Now that the antibiotic has mostly run its course, I am seeing the changes for the better. What I got out of the conversation was that it would be left open, they seem to think that it would lead to a worse infection if it were closed again.

I am beginning to think she told me that as a worst case scenario option, because the incision itself looks and feels much healthier than it did even a few days ago.

Based on the last couple nights, it really seems to be draining at night, and then chills out during the day. But the day draining has decreased. I have also started taking vit a, e, c, and zinc supplements to my regular multivitamin. Hoping that is helping as well.

Man this healing thing is hard work haha.
I can't believe the difference just in a few days. I'm actually walking heel-toe, and I sat all the way through my breakfast. The fluid is more watery than thick now, and is mostly draining at night. Barely anything comes out of the hole where the drain was. My pain is nearly nonexistent.

I have a scare though. Last night I noticed that I have a bump by my tailbone. I am praying that it is nothing, just scar tissue or something.
Thanks Brandon, I am feeling very optimistic about it all. I just can't wait for this roller coaster to be over!!
Hurray! Congrats!!
I am doing very well, the pain is gone and I am practicing my sitting. Just waiting for the drainage to slow!!
Day I don't even know:
Things keep looking up! I had zero drainage from the top of the incision for the past 24 hrs and it does not feel like anything is building up like last time. I am still keeping gauze on it because the one time I don't is the time it will drain Niagara Falls. It does drain a bit still when I sit on the toilet. I actually sat in the car today, for a 20 minute ride and back. That was a bit uncomfortable because of the angle of the seats but it was not painful. I balanced mostly by sitting but I used my legs and back to give myself a tiny break when it was uncomfortable. 15 minutes through breakfast (and I sat longer than the meal) and about 10-15 while I balanced the checkbook for the first time in about a month. There is minimal soreness so I am countering with laying on the couch so I don't over do anything. I am starting to walk like I used to, using longer strides and using the stairs more normally. Walking is not uncomfortable at all.
I feel very optimistic about my chances of returning to work, even if it is one week longer than I had originally planned.
I can't believe the difference of one week. One week ago I was in so much pain I could barely walk. It seems much longer ago than it actually was.