Cleft Lift in a Week-post op

Yay! That's great news that the infection is gone! The parts that opened should close up pretty soon since there's just a little drainage. Keep us updated on how you're feeling. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

Brandon: That's awesome about your surgery. It's this month right?
Thanks elly!

Today is the 4 week mark since my surgery. I am feeling so much better, honestly the only reason I have for it is God. Once I asked my friends to pray, the incision did a 180 and I sat in the car the other day and yesterday and I sat for 30 minutes yesterday. I even was able to lay on my left side, which had been painful to do before. My husband said the scar looks much better, less like I had just had surgery and more like a normal scar.
Right now I am just working up to bring able to sit for a full hour in preparation of going back to work next week. I am expecting my medical release on Wednesday when I see the surgeon, ready with my list of questions haha
Saw the surgeon today and received the all clear to go back to work on Monday!! She said I could go back tomorrow if I wanted but I thought Monday would be better because of my disability stuff and working up to sitting for 2 hours since I made it to my goal of 1 hour. I even drove home from the surgeons office. It is slightly sore after sitting for a while but the soreness goes away once I stand up. It is still draining a clear (not murky) yellow-orange fluid, which is a good sign. I barely have any drainage but it does still drip when I use the toilet.
My scar looks stable, the drainage hole at the top has closed. Once it stops draining, then my bottom drainage hole will close (I had two but they merged into one, which she said was normal since they were so close).
I am still not allowed to squat until 6 weeks, and I am still on a lifting/pulling/pushing restriction of 10 pounds. I can bend over, she just said to work up to it, like don't just bend over all the way.
All in all I am healing very well (thank you God!!), and am looking forward to posting in the "I'm healed and outta here!" forum!
I do, this time it is 3 weeks from now on sept 3. Its 7 weeks from my surgery, so I am hoping to be at least at 90% mobility, since my restrictions are lifted after 6 weeks which is august 25
So happy for you girlbooty! Glad you got the all clear for work. Did you end up needing an extra week? When you're sitting, are you using a pilo cushion or are you able to sit w/o it?
Thanks elly!! I did end up taking the extra week, I would have gone to work this past Monday but that infection made that impossible lol.
I do have my trusty cushion (which I can sit on for about 2 hrs before it becomes unbearable) but if the seat is soft enough I can handle it for about 30 minutes. I sat on a wood chair today for about five before it hurt :)
5 weeks:
Today was my first day back at work, and let me tell you it was good to be back! I did a full 8 hr day with a 45 min commute (desk job) and I have zero soreness. I did walk slower and use my tush Cush but I was able to sit on one of those awful plastic fold up chairs during my lunch hour.
Drainage has lessened even more to once a day, usually in the evening, and it is a clear yellow, no more red or pink. Looking forward to never putting gauze in my butt ever again haha.
My scar is holding up well, I took my puppy on a walk and he ended up doing some business so I had to pick it up. I got all the way down and all the way up with no issues. Probably shouldn't have but oh well, had to be done.
Anyhow, things are looking up and up! I will post another update at 2 months!
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Just shy of 8 weeks (Monday will be):
I had another post op yesterday morning and she said it looked even better than it did two weeks ago and my lil drain hole is just about ready to close up, it's teeny tiny. I get a spot of yellow about once every two-three days on the gauze. My next one is next month.
My soreness has gone down dramatically. I can make the 45 min drive to work without my tush Cush, I am just keeping it at work for now and probably will always have it there just because of the length of time I sit. I can sit on hard surfaces for any length of time and lay on my back.
The only thing that I still can't do is sit back, that is still very tender.
I even accidentally squatted the other day when my puppy went for treats in the litter box...I didn't even think twice about it and I barely felt anything. I was trying not to until my hole closed up but it looks like I can!

Very happy with this procedure!!
I was going to wait until my next appt next month to post but I just got so excited! It has been about a week since I had last asked my husband to look at my lil drain hole, and he just looked again and he says it has just about closed up!! Exactly 2 months after my surgery nothing is open or draining anymore.
I called the office to see when I could go back to the gym but she has been in surgery and will be until Tuesday so I have to be patient. I'm just so happy with the whole process (even with the hiccup) and feel fantastic. Only sore when I lean back but even that is getting better.
It is only getting better now!!!
It is very!! I'm itching to get back to doing everything I was before lol I'm sure you are too! The incision looks great, tbh I can only see the top part so I can't speak to the bottom of it but my husband says it looks great! It's still raised and red but it should fade in the coming months
Oh for sure! Getting a bit stir crazy lol. Well that is excellent news. And you said your mobility is good so thats a great sign also. Yes that should all reside in time.
Just thought I would give you all an update...saw my surgeon for my very last post op today, everything is officially closed up (has been for about 3 weeks but it's nice to hear the dr say it) and I am fully cleared for all activities!
So recap, July 14 was date of surgery so from then to today October 8 was 13 weeks. Went back to a desk job at 5 weeks, back to the gym at 10 weeks, stopped feeling all soreness and discomfort at 12 weeks.. I have zero pain, zero soreness, just a 7.5" scar and fond memories. Healed and outta here!!!