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Hello everyone!

I've been suffering from this disease for a few years now. Some posters might remember me from a few months ago. I had to have my first lancing last October and have been struggling with this damn joke of a disease ever since. I'm working towards becoming a border officer and this has heavily impacted not only my studies but the physical aspect that is required as well. My cyst is dormant right now but I know any accidental bump or sitting on it in a wrong position will send it into full on demonic "what the hell is this thing on my ass!" mode.

I developed severe depressing because of this disease, and horrible PTSD just worrying about it coming back when it's being "good".

I have an appointment with Dr. Lauzon here in Vancouver, British Columbia on the 8th. He's the only doctor is this area that seems to do it. There is Catherine Hsu but her wait time is 8 months plus, I just can't put my life on hold anymore, or risk this thing getting bigger. I was looking into going to Bascom but financially cannot afford to. I had hoped I would be one of the lucky few where the cyst goes away after lancing, but NOPE!

Anyways, I wanted to let everyone I will be posting my recovery process along with PICTURES. I have no shame and for me the biggest concern for me during this whole process was how my ass will look after the surgery. For some people this truly isn't an issue, but I'm a young gay guy, so my ass is absolutely important to me, TMI, but it's the truth. I still have no idea what to expect but I'm hoping for the best and I'll post pictures for all the people who are trying to figure out what to do with their circumstances.

Best of luck to all! Peace and love!

Good luck with your appointment 66604! Getting the cleft lift was one of the best decisions I made. And being a youngish (31yo) female, the cleft lift barely changed the look of my behind (which was high up there w/ why I picked this surgery, oh and it pretty much cures pd-very low recurrence rate). Unless I'm naked and bent over, no one can see the scar or tell I've had surgery.

Def. post your experience after surgery. I know it will help others make an educated decision on which surgery is best for them. And I know other Canadians want to know how your experience with Dr. Lauzon goes. There aren't that many CL surgeons up there (or so I've read from people trying to find someone).
Hello again fellow sufferers!

Well I had surgery. Not the cleft lift that I was hoping for. Dr. Lauzon did a closed excision. At first he just thought it was a regular cyst because he couldn't find a track. When he opened it up he made the diagnosis that it was PD. I was highly annoyed because I could have told him it was PD from day one and now I'll be really annoyed if this excision fails because of all the problems that can arise with that type of surgery. He did tell me what he did wouldn't affect my candidacy for a cleft lift. Once again my main concern besides getting better is the appearance of my ass after. I'm not apologizing anymore to doctors for coming across as superficial because at the end of the day I'm the one who has to live with the results the doctors leaves. If I do need to have a cleft lift I will be consulting a plastic surgeon as well. I'm annoyed that doctors seem to think it doesn't matter what your ass looks like after. I know there's no way around some type of scaring but I have honestly thought about suicide if I had to have some type of disfiguring flap surgery because I won't do that. My sex life would be over. How would anyone find me attractive with a disfigured ass?

He performed the excision and stitched it up (six stitches just off the mid-line) he said the only reason he stitched it up was because there no no infection/not a lot of pus. This was all basically my doing because he refused to prescribe me antibiotics to keep the cyst at bay until surgery so I took it upon myself to get a prescription at the walk in. In fact my surgery had to be delayed a month because the first time I was suppose to have surgery the damn cyst flared up a day before surgery all because he wouldn't prescribe antibiotics to keep it at bay. I understand about antibiotic resistance but aren't antibiotics there for when you need them? IMO this is a time when you'd NEED antibiotics. He told me I'd be able to be back at school the next day. This was not the case as I was in a good amount of pain and it was hard to walk with the stitches in... I actually just ended up dropping out of university until this whole ordeal is over with because I can't take the stress. Now I'm playing the waiting game: will it stay, or go away?. I don't want to knock my surgeon but the surgery room wasn't what I had expected. I was given local anesthetic and didn't feel a thing. However, when I see surgeries on PD online there's lots of lights, and suction involved. None of that happened with me. They just cut me open and removed it, they even had me hold the wound to stop the bleeding after?... Now I'm worried that he couldn't have seen everything in there if there wasn't adequate lighting and suction to be remove the blood. I also wasn't given that great of at home caring instructions... all I was told was not to get the stitches wet for 48 hours and to come back in 2 weeks to have the stitches removed. The horror stories I read on this site seriously have me in tears some days. I had to drop out of university because of this disease and I also lost my job. I'm now living on a 900.00 disability cheque paying 700.00 in rent. If I didn't have my grandmother to help me... I don't know what I would do. I'm so sick of this disease and now I'm a burden on my family. Even cancelled a trip to Germany I had planned for years. Times are tough. I just want this over with.

I'll post pictures of the healing process once this is healed because I know there lot's of people fighting this illness that want pictures.

Take care folks! I'm just over here blow drying my ass... lol ;)
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During my closed excision there was no suction being done, however I wasn't asked to hold my wound, that is weird. I was also just given local anesthetic. He did do some cauterizing. It'll be a year next month since my surgery and I had no issues healing and have been great ever since. Don't think negatively of your surgery, it can be successful. After those stitches came out it was pretty much back to normal for me, but the stitches are a huge pain.