Cleft lift-Small wound won't heal

I recently had surgery in May. I had the cleft lift procedure I believe (rotated the flap, etc.). The doctor said this is the best procedure and the only one he hasn't seen a recurrence. I had the stitches removed at 2 weeks and all seemed to be in order so I went back to work even tho I sit all day. I used the coxyx cushion just in case, etc. My wife and I soon noticed a small part closest to the anus would not heal. It was like a small superficial wound/hole. The doctor said he would prefer not to see it but did the silver nitrate and suggested baths or at least shower head to keep clean. I've been back a few times and it just won't heal. It was looking a little worse even yesterday so he has suggested surgery to just cut around that spot and reclose the wound.

It sucks because everything else has healed greatly and I supposedly don't have the cyst anymore but dealing with all the annoying symptoms. Has anyone had a similar experience? I hope surgery is the right answer. He has said I don't have to limit activities so I guess it's just bad luck that it won't heal even though I wonder if I'm causing it by doing certain things.

Any tips or thoughts are appreciated. I'm hoping maybe this simple 2nd surgery will heal me for good but I can't help but feel maybe I could have gotten it to heal somehow.


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Hi, I'm in a similar experience. I'm 6 months post op from the cleft lift. The thing is my wound healed great (I still have the pain but it's been over 20 yrs and many procedures...I figure it may be nerve damage or something of that sort). Christmas Eve I noticed there was a superficial wound on my scar towards anus as well. It opened up once when I had a BM and was bleeding not too long after. Maybe a couple weeks. Then it closed back up again but is still there. I'm doing the same where I am trying to just keep the area clean as possible. I don't know what's going on but I figure if I get in on this thread maybe I can get some answers from others too. I did email pics to my Dr that performed the surgery. He said it looked superficial and that scars can behave badly. He is a reputable Dr on the list. I hope he got it all. I hope the best for you and that your procedure helps you!