Day 12 post Op - blood & skin looks yellow

it's 11 days post modified Karydakis cleft lift op - it's been aperture slow and painful recovery - trying to do everything right to optimize healing. Today we noticed a little blood at the bottom stitch. When we dabbed it with a tissue a little gunk came out - looks like a bit of skin. The top line of skin at the closure of the stitches also looks yellow. Is this normal? It doesn't look too bad but also doesn't look right... I've never seen stitches heal before. Think I might have to call the Dr. again.
Is there any strong smell coming from the area? Infection has a very foul smell. I'd call the Dr. and see if it's normal just incase. Is your daughter still on antibiotics?
Hi Elly,
No, there's no odour. Last night it did look better and the bleeding had stopped. Yes, she's finished her antibiotics, I think I'll get another script to continue on.
She's still taking pain killers though - although just Panadol and an ibuprofen so not too bad. And she walks very timidly and doesn't want to leave the house.
This certainly hasn't been smooth sailing. Although you did have a little tear I remember. So perhaps this isn't much to worry about. Sigh...
Hey Elly,
So the doctor came out to see her and when he checked the bottom stitches a large amount of blood and fluid came running out. I was pretty shocked. (To put it mildly). He says the wound has opened a little at the bottom probably because of all the fluid. He says it mustn't be stitched up again. It looks bigger than your tear that you had - I have to keep cleaning it with antiseptic and he's given her another script of antibiotics. I have emailed the surgeon as he's back Wednesday.
I'm feeling a bit devastated. :(
Yeah I think tears are a more common complication. Just because the skin isn't always the healthiest where there was pilonidal disease. What my husband did is wipe it with that iodine stuff drs using to wipe your skin before surgery. He did that about 3 times a day. I just made sure to keep the area clean. You can roll up some gauze and put it between the butt cheeks to get air to the area. That also helps keep whatever drains from getting/staining your underwear. I did this until it full healed. It tear took about 2 (maybe 3) weeks to heal. It will get better, just take one day at a time.
Just thought I'd update you after seeing the GP. Actually they said its healing very well, most has knitted together already after 2 weeks and there is a slight opening between the last two stitches where the fluid drained but this is now healing also! So aside from the fact it was pretty painful driving there and back (she was in the passenger seat on a airplane neck cushion backwards) she's not on painkillers duringthe day so I guess I was overreacting and it is going well. The fluid issue isapparently very common and my GP was very pleased with it saying howmuch better it is than the open excursions she sees. Yay!!
That's awesome news to hear! I'd def. do the rolled up gauze to get air to the last few stitches. It'll be all healed before you know it!
Super happy and encouraged to of read this.
I've had the same thing happen with me, but as Elly has said, it's pretty common and she is now healed.
She will get there and that's such great news that it's getting better.
Mine is too thankfully.
Just super happy for you and encourages me.
Thanks for the updates and post :)
That's very sweet of you! I'm just glad everything is going better than expected. =)

Tyty: Wishing you a speedy recovery as well!
Hey Elly,
Just a quick update to say stitches cane out last week and all looked good but tonight suddenly a big fluid leak from the bottom of the wound again (sigh), luckily we gave an appt with the surgeon tomorrow. I'm
Sure it's no real cause for concern but it's definitely disappointing as today was the first day she took a good walk, went out and sat through a lunch with a friend. Possibly overdid it? It's been a month though...,
Yeah I think it might have been just overdoing it. The good thing is that it came out and didn't stay under the skin or under the scar. I know I had slight drainage for a while. I think I did the gauze cigar thing for at least a month if not more. It wasn't very wet but always had a few spots of serious fluid. I know I was sore for a long time. Even now a year later and sometimes (the first few days of my period) the scar is slightly sore. BUT it was well worth it and I'll take a few days of soreness over the pain of a flair up anyday.

I'm at least glad the leak happened before your appt so you can talk to your Dr. about it. I truly hope it's nothing serious. And Good luck to your daughter with starting school! I'm sure she's happy to have all this pilonidal stuff come to an end!

Edited - Forgot to ask, how much leaked? Was it pretty wet or just a few spots?
Hi Elly!
It was quite a big wet patch on her underwear and she felt it - put a liner there so we'll see if there's any more. Honestly though it all looks pretty good. She is pretty flat across the top though but even though she's disappointed she still says it's worth it. And hopefully it will improve amd settle a bit over time. Pain must have been really bad all year.
Yes, she's starting college in 2 weeks so hoping it will be almost normal by then. She's not looking forward to the 3 hr lectures snd is embarrassed to take a. Cushion.
A friend we know said her son has a sinus abscess on his face that requires surgery poor guy so Jules said at least hers is hidden.
Will update you after the dr appt so you can sleep at night... Haha. But seriously thanks for being on this forum to help everyone.