DD going for surgery in a few weeks then starting freshman year!

Hey Sonspilon! Yes! Let's go through it together!

Re pits, if you look all along the "crease" there are very small holes, pits, in the skin. They look kind of like deep pores. In my son's case, there are 8-10 pits, all in a row, with the large wound (a hole in the skin the size of a pea) at the end. You could google "pilonidal pits" but most of the images are pretty gross and don't really look like what my son has. Maybe google "pit picking" and there might be photos there. I actually never saw them until today, because when I would treat the wound, the lighting was not very good -- I just needed to get the BFI powder into the open wound and never even noticed the pits!

Can anyone else jump in with a better description?
If you google "pit picking Pilonidal" and go to images, then look at the last photo on the 5th row, with "JL 6-29 07" written on the skin in black marker, that's what my son's pits look like, but more of them.
So I guess my sons "pits" all opened because he has no little holes. His looks more like the pic next to it on the right. but 2 long open wounds like that in the crack.
My heart just aches for all our children who have to go through this horrible condition! God Bless both Dr. Bascoms for their lifetime of efforts to help relieve the terrible suffering this disease causes!

We'll all get through this together!
Sonspilon, did your son undergo a procedure I think is called "de-roofing"?, where, as I understand it, the sinus tunnel is opened? That might explain why he has no pits, but instead long open wounds?
De-roofing??? Wow, never heard of that one! Nope, he had no procedures at all. Doc just picked some hair and debris out of wound. I'm going to look that up now. Thanks!
Hi Anonymouse1, I'm new here but, I too am from NJ and my daughter ironically is a sophomore at a college in North Carolina. I can clearly relate to the 9 hours away especially after her third flair up last week since june. I am very curious which Dr you are using for DD both in NJ and in NC. We have an appointment on nov 27 with a Dr down in Voorheese in a month. My daughter is suppose to study abroad in Spain next semester, so we want to make sure this is all taken care of.
Hello SIG820 - welcome to the forums. I'm in NC not NJ. Our surgeon was in Charlotte and I would highly recommend him. His name is Douglas Rosen and he's with Charlotte Colon and Rectal which is right next to CMC Mercy hospital where the cleft lift was performed. Phone number is (704) 333-1259. If your daughter is in Eastern Carolina then the surgeon recommended by others on the forums is Dr. Jerry Stirman who is at Rex Surgical in Raleigh (919) 784-7874. I was looking into having my daughter see him if the wait had been too long with Dr. Rosen. If you can get this taken care of before the semester abroad I would definitely do so. Life post surgery for my daughter has been fantastic.
I would also make doubly sure that you get a cleft lit for your daughter - it's the best option in my opinion. You can read my daughter's recovery thread to get an idea of post operative healing. It's under Cleft Lift Surgery 8/16/13.
Hi SIG820 - please do look at the cleft lift. It has a much better chance of fixing the problem before she goes off to Spain. I am just coming in because we are in Spain a lot, and my son did have pilonidal problems when we were there in 2009. The health service is very good in Spain (and I think they have a lot of pilonidal practice) and while they were lovely, reassuring and confident in what they said, as far as I can gather no one in Spain does the cleft lift - not even in Madrid. So if it were an emergency they would either do an open excision or send her back home. She will love Spain - my son is a devotee of all things Spanish and has just got back from working there, she will have a fantastic time especially without the worry of pilonidal. With the other ops - she could have months of healing which would impact on her enjoyment. Cleft lift is the way to go - even if there were to be a slight problem - chances are it would be well and truly fixed before she goes. Good luck.