Does an abscess bursting help the cyst AT ALL???

I have had the cyst for 6 1/2 years, but just found out what it was about a week ago after developing a rather painful abscess. I have had flare ups about twice a year since the beginning, but they were uncomfortable at the most and never painful and would always go away within a few days, a week at the most. I am curious as to whether after the first abscess and subsequent burst have your flareups gotten worse, better, or basically remain the same as before the abscess?
In my opinion in it does burst the pressure has gone so you feel a sigh of relief from all that excruciating pain. It can also help as all that fluid has come out its better out than in and the surgeon can take a look inside.
I first noticed my flare ups about 3 years ago when I would occasionally get pain in my tailbone area. It felt like I bruised it, but after a week or two it would go away. Then I abscessed in April 2010 and had to have an emergency lancing. The hot pads, sitz baths, and oregano oil were not bring it to a head or helping it release the infection. Once I had the lancing my flare ups haven't been very bad at all.

I'm not sure what it was, but in June 2010-August 2010, I kept getting sinus openings every other week. My summer job is really active and I'm always on my feet. I work outdoors in the heat, so I sweat quite a bit.

I've only had one bad flare up where sitting became uncomfortable and my lancing site swelled up. It finally ended up *"bursting" after I went to the bathroom. (*Not that it actually "burst" open in an explosion or anything. :rolleyes:) My mom had to press out the rest of the infection after I cleaned up the blood for the initial discovery.

Other than that, my flare-ups are very mild (some discomfort and/or aching sensations) and they only occasionally result in sinuses nowadays. :)


P.S. Every time I get a sinus it opens up on my lancing scar since it's the weakest patch of skin. That's been a lifesaver! XD