does garlic work?

Just one question. Do you thinh using garlic on the inflammed area can eliminate follicles that are inside the skin? Can anoyone write if the cyst stopped producing pus after the garlic treatment and if the cavity accreted. Thank you
Hi guys! Sorry it's been a while! I have had great success with all of the methods listed above. I do still continue to get flare ups but not frequently. Since my original post I've had three or four flare ups & only one became abscessed. I did recently find something else which I've been having GREAT results with! THC OIL. Even hash oil..applied topically to affected area when it becomes inflamed has gotten the swelling to go down in less than TWO DAYS. Now I understand it's illegal in many places & not exactly easy to come across, but if you have the money & know where to get it: DO IT. As far as the castor oil is concerned, no it does not hurt one fact I think it feels great! Once the abscess has drained I don't apply it until the wound has healed up. It's probably best to let it drain without putting too much stuff on it. If anyone wants to contact me personally my email I'm more than happy to discuss things privately. Xx
I applied a small amount to the affected area and within 2 days it was completely healed.
It completely eliminated any swelling & pain! & I have a fistula that weeps & gets irritated esp around that time of the month. I tried the oil on a whim & it worked, never abscessed. I can't report how well it would work on an abscess, but if I get another I will use it & keep you all posted. Xx
How is everyone? Had suffered badly 10 years to the month while visiting Mexico City Mexico. Couldn't walk, urinating and movements near impossible. Had it drained by a podiatrist after 4 days then 3 days later was completely fine and closed. My background as an herbalist and clinical nutritionist helped although supplies were limited by my location. I visited this site and have found really valuable information and feedback and yes it has returned....thought I beat it. Remembering it was the worst pain I've ever experienced and I've passed kidney stones so I know pain....looking forward to reading how you all are doing.
I applied a small amount to the affected area and within 2 days it was completely healed.
It completely eliminated any swelling & pain! & I have a fistula that weeps & gets irritated esp around that time of the month. I tried the oil on a whim & it worked, never abscessed. I can't report how well it would work on an abscess, but if I get another I will use it & keep you all posted. Xx
How is everyone? Had suffered badly 10 years to the month while visiting Mexico City Mexico. Couldn't walk, urinating and movements near impossible. Had it drained by a podiatrist after 4 days then 3 days later was completely fine and closed. My background as an herbalist and clinical nutritionist helped although supplies were limited by my location. I visited this site and have found really valuable information and feedback and yes it has returned....thought I beat it. Remembering it was the worst pain I've ever experienced and I've passed kidney stones so I know pain....looking forward to reading how you all are doing.
Ok so my issue started one week ago. The second time in ten years. Last time when in Mexico City it debilitated me where I couldn't walk until approximately 400cc was drained. Three days ago I began taking 5 ml every 2hours of an herbal tincture I formulate in my clinic for abscesses. Equal parts liquid glycerin extracted Echinacea root, Cats claw, fermented garlic bulb,turmeric. I also took 2 Standard Process farm LLC's whole food concentrates name brand Congaplex and Immuplex along with Spanish black radish tablets from the Same company. Within 24 hours I was 75% better and could sit and walk easier but decided if I want to get back to work I needed to make a decision to have it drained, so I did. The doctor explained that without further test he could not be certain whether I have I pilonidal or anal fisture. Either way he drained about 10 cc's. 6 hours ago and I'm about 85% better.
Anyone here been misdiagnosed with pilonidal when you actually had anal fisture? What I researched pilonidal is close the the tailbone and anal fisture is close to the anus and involves the gland. Mine is smack dab in the middle...augh.
Has anyone ever had the pilonidal surgery and then had flare-ups? I had the surgery about 14 years ago now. I didn't have a problem until now and some of the comments about sepsis really scare me. The area seems swollen but there is no clear "bump" or anything and it irritates me when sitting too long and oddly...sneezing is extremely painful. I want to try the above mentioned but now I'm scared that if there is a cyst inside underneath my scar that I will end up popping it inside me? Does that really happen? Or does the swelling just go down? I really want to take care of this without seeing a doctor. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated!
Having surgery doesn't mean it won't come back. Sorry.

Won't hurt to go see a doc. They may order a MRI or maybe ultrasound to take a peek.... especially if you have a fever.

If you do need surgery again, please consider a cleft lift from a "hall of fame" doc listed on this site..... it addresses the anatomical condition that made us susceptible in the first place, and it's a much easier surgery to recovery from.



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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum so I'll share & I also have some questions. I had my first experience with pilonidal cysts in December 2011. I was traveling out-of-state for work & had no idea what was going on. So I did some research, found out what it was & also ended up discussing it with my coworker who was at the training with me & apparently has flare ups quite often. My coworker wasn't really able to offer much advice except to wait it out until it drained on it's own. While researching it, I found out about the lancing/draining procedure. So I made it home through an excruciating 2 more days & then a 4 hr plane trip & proceeded to wait to see if it would drain on it's own. Well I made it through about half of a day & ended up going to Urgent Care to have it lanced & drained because the pain was intolerable for me. Suffice it to say that the lancing procedure was not the most enjoyable but much better than the pain from the cysts themselves (I had 2). After about 2 days I had my follow up, the dressing that was placed inside the cavities where the cysts had been drained was removed and then after about 3 more days more or less, the wound was healed & I just occasionally had some itching where the incisions had been made. Because of what my coworker had shared, I was fearful that I would have another episode, but each day/week/month that passed I thought about it less. Ok so fast forward to about 2 weeks ago, I felt the familiar tenderness & soreness & knew immediately what was happening so I got a prescription for an antibiotic which worked for about 4 days & then I could feel the hardness d pain coming back so I stopped taking the antibiotic thinking that I would just have to go get it lanced & drained. Well when I attempted that, the doc said that the cysts were not developed enough to make an incision & drain them so that is how I ended up here at 4 in the morning researching natural remedies. Ok so after that long story, here is my most important question: I am currently 8 months pregnant & my utmost priority is the safety of my unborn daughter so has anyone ever tried the garlic, castor oil, or any other treatments suggested here & does anyone have any info or suggestions as to how safe these treatments are while pregnant? The risk of rupture inside of me scares me greatly especially while pregnant so I just wanted to know if anyone could answer this for me? Thank you so much for all of the advice/suggestions & any help would be greatly appreciated!
Dvyn1e, I am so sorry you have to go through this. I created this thread quite awhile ago because I was so sick and tired of dealing with these cysts and taking harmful and strong antibiotics or getting them lanced and drained to get rid of them. I have used castor oil, garlic, and tea tree oil on the cyst and after a few days, the swelling and cyst were gone. I very rarely get them anymore. I take garlic capsules daily and try to use tea tree oil bar soap in the shower. If you go back to the first page, there is a detailed post about how to use the garlic, castor oil and tea tree oil. And since you're pregnant please double check with your doctor before using anything. Good luck and feel better!


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hey everyone! its been awhile. So going on with garlic to test if it was actually helping i stop taking it (kind of bad idea) after about three weeks i noticed some redness and a few days later i was getting some pain and swelling so i started garlic again and it did go down within a few days.

thanks for the answer about castor oil cystsuffer i will try it as soon as i see some

dvyne1 sorry to hear about you troubles but the good news is you can take garlic while pregnant i had another friend of mine ask me this so i did some research for her from what i read it is actually good for the baby and helps to build your unborn childs immune system plus your own! (but like everything else too much isnt good) of course i am not a medical doctor so consult a doctor for info too but here is a helpful website i found for what you can take and not take during pregnancy here's a good website listing benifits of garlic congrats btw! :)
First-time flareup sufferer here. I didn't have any problems until my mid-40s, then when I told my dad about it, it turns out that he had 4 or 5 flareups over the years himself (I don't think he ever had them lanced or excised) before they finally just stopped bothering him. Anyway, I've been doing dry heat, castor oil, tea tree oil and garlic, and my cyst almost totally healed, though in my case it's taken a few weeks. (I also applied oil of oregano, just because I had some in the house.) In the last day or two, however, I've started to feel a couple of twinges down there again, even though it still looks improved. Maybe some pocket of deep infection still fighting me? I guess I'll have to step up the garlic and heat again....I was also taking turmeric, so maybe it's time to get back on that routine again too.

2 questions:

1) I know that its' a good idea to keeping applying the castor oil for a month after healing to make sure the bacteria dies. But what about just continuing to apply them daily for, well, forever? Wouldn't that serve as a preventative measure? It should be hard for infections to break out if you're applying deep-acting antimicrobials to the danger zone every day....

2) Instead of lancing an abscess to drain it, do doctors ever opt for imply inserting a needle and syringing the fluid out?

It's kind of a shame that I won't be taking up cycling now as originally planned. But everyone says it's a potential trigger of flareups, so forget that!
Hi everyone,
I am new here and don't know all the terms but suffering from the same. I had pilonidal sinus (as what name I know) it's like some holes at the starting of buttocks with hair going in. I had a surgery. 2 weeks after which some pimple came up. I have been eating medicines of all type from 2 years but it's not helping. I am having bleeding and pain. And now the hole is coming back. There is even some wound left of the surgery. I read the forum and just wanted to ask will all this work for me as well? Like there is still wound and holes are coming back. I don't wanna have surgery again.
Please help.
Waiting for someone's reply.
@ Aditya, It seems like everyone's case is different. I almost always need surgery after mine show up because they will not drain on their own. Other people are able to get it to drain at home or make it go away if they start treatment before it gets too bad. But all of this is worth a try! The surgery itself is not that bad, but I hate all the after care (follow up appts and needing my husband to change the packing/bandaging for weeks). Once you start getting these, they are more likely to repeat so you should also think about general tips for prevention (like eating healthy, staying active, keeping a strong immune system, always keeping that area clean, and keeping your stress low). Good luck!!!
I would like to start by addressing what you asked "turmericfan":
1. I completely agree with you about continuing to do the daily treatments of castor oil, BUT, everyone is different so listen to your body. I would suggest that you start out (while not having a flare up or abscess) by doing it for ten minutes each day and work your way up to an hour. See what your body responds to best without over doing it. We can't forget that while the castor oil is pulling out bacteria and generally breaking down the cyst/pocket/tissue itself, the body goes into overdrive to try and keep up with the amount of toxins being thrown into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. The kidneys and liver may not be able to keep up with the constant barrage of toxins and it can lead to a general feeling of being ill. I learned this the hard way and will get into that in a moment.

2. For some reason the general procedure for an abscess is to just lance it, clean it and pack it, not do a needle aspiration of it. If you mean just aspirate the cyst itself, I suppose that would depend on what type of cyst you have. If it's a sebaceous cyst, there isn't any fluid per se, just fibrous tissues and a fatty (keratinous~think hair!) substance that resembles cottage cheese. Other types of cysts would have just fluid, and maybe it is possible for them to simply aspirate the fluid with a needle, but there must be some good reason (LET'S HOPE!) that they simply cut people open and scrape the tissue and "pit pick" etc.

dvyne1 asked about using castor oil packs during pregnancy. I have to say that there has been some proof that it CAN lead to early labor, so please ladies who may be pregnant, do not use castor oil packs unless you are ready to go into labor! (might be useful for anyone who is overdue though!)

I would also like to address the reality of sepsis once more since a few posters brought it up. Sepsis can occur if your abscess does in fact decide to rupture inside your body instead of draining out of a "head" or a hole on the abscess (which should be visible by no later than day four or five if you follow all above techniques) which will sometimes resemble a black or purple pimple somewhere on the abscess site. If you have an abscess for more than four or five days with no visible "head", please seek medical attention immediately. I am NOT talking about a flare up, I am talking about a full on abscess: skin is visibly red and hot to the touch, skin is hard and extremely painful to touch, the area generally becomes a lump varying in size. A "flare" is when the area simply becomes sensitive and kinda hurts but there's no sign of infection yet. If your abscess does in fact rupture inside your body, you generally have 24 hours (maybe slightly less depending upon the person) to get to a hospital. The fluid inside an abscess is full of bacteria and once it hits the blood stream you're basically in big big trouble. The cyst is in a pocket, pretty much self contained and when it abscesses, it is self contained (this is why when they lance it they can't use local anesthetic, it simply will not work!).
Symptoms of sepsis can include:
severe headache sensitive to light
high fever (or at least a fever if you are someone who doesn't generally get fevers, such as myself)

There are typically three stages to sepsis and they are as follows:
To be diagnosed with sepsis, you must exhibit at least two of the following symptoms:

Fever above 101.3 F (38.5 C) or below 95 F (35 C)
Heart rate higher than 90 beats a minute
Respiratory rate higher than 20 breaths a minute
Probable or confirmed infection

Severe sepsis
Your diagnosis will be upgraded to severe sepsis if you also exhibit at least one of the following signs and symptoms, which indicate an organ may be failing:

Significantly decreased urine output
Abrupt change in mental status
Decrease in platelet count
Difficulty breathing
Abnormal heart pumping function
Abdominal pain

Septic shock
To be diagnosed with septic shock, you must have the signs and symptoms of severe sepsis — plus extremely low blood pressure that doesn't adequately respond to simple fluid replacement.

So please folks, don't get too freaked out about the sepsis comments I made earlier, I was simply covering my own butt for those who may be taking my advice over that of a trained medical professional. (although sometimes I like to think I know quite a bit about medicine (I DO) and have been self treating myself for numerous ailments for decades!)

Ok, so my cyst flared last month and not only did the thc oil not help, none of my treatments seemed to help and it abscessed! It had been quite some time since I had a flare turn into an abscess and I was pretty bummed about it. I continued with my treatment (castor oil packs, raw garlic, epsom salt baths) and on the fourth day it drained. I gave the castor oil packs a break while it drained completely, but this time I did use something called "perineal cleanser" (a spray they give it to women after they give birth) to spray the area thoroughly each day 3Xa day while it continued to drain and heal. I noticed something this time I never felt before. It was ITCHY ! After it stopped draining I started back up with the castor oil packs determined to do it for one hour each and every day no matter what for one full month.

This is where it gets interesting! For the first three weeks I felt tons of itchiness, and the hard tissue which I always feel in the area following an abscess draining was "moving" around!! First it would be on one side of my tailbone, then on the other, then it would seemingly vanish! What the heck it was doing, I could only guess! Right around the three and a half week mark I suddenly started to have pain..but it wasn't like the usual flare up pain and it never abscessed. The only noticeable difference was that the area did get red and it was painful, but not like a full blown abscess. I soldiered on with the castor oil packs except I accidentally fell asleep two nights in a row with the pack on. I started to feel very very ill, my kidneys hurt and I felt dizzy and nauseous. So I laid off the castor oil pack for a day and then back on making sure to only do it for one hour at a time. *I believe the castor oil packs were breaking down the cyst and surrounding scar tissue and the toxins were overloading my system* I noticed the next day that I had a "head" forming and was shocked. The day after that it ruptured and started to drain and OMG the AMOUNT that came out!!!! I WAS SHOCKED. I don't know where the heck all of this fluid/blood/pus was coming from because I did NOT have a visible abscess whatsoever. I had more drainage from THAT than from my usual abscesses! It drained for nearly a week and was extremely itchy the entire time. This was approx a week ago and since then I have continued to do the castor oil packs and now for the first time ever I can actually FEEL THE CYST. It's very close to the surface of my skin now and it gets smaller by the day! I have a feeling that if I keep this up I may actually heal the source of the problem itself and I will keep you all informed.

Edgar Cayce recommended using the castor oil packs for three days, one day off and then three days again, one day off and so on. He also stressed the importance of cleaning the skin off thoroughly after using the pack with a solution of one quart of water with two tablespoons of baking soda in it, or taking an epsom salt bath. I think the perineal spray I was using was probably just as effective if not more so. He also gave instructions to each person which were personal. Meaning, some people he told to use the packs for an hour a day and some he told to do it for ten minutes. I assume this is due to what I experienced. Some people might be more sensitive to the amount of toxins being dumped into their system and the body simply can't keep up.

Good luck to you all, and keep your heads' up could always be worse! Xx