Does it hurt getting stitches removed?

I had a closed excision on April 1st and I am getting my stitches out tomorrow. This is my first surgery (other than the I&D in December which was open healing) and I have never had stitches, so I was wondering if it will hurt. It is still a little tender and if I gently tug on the knot it hurts a little bit. Also, how long will it take for the doctor to remove the stitches? Is it relatively quick? Thanks.


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There is some pain with the tugging and pulling on them. It should only take about 5 mins, I needed to take a small break in the middle. But once they are out there is no pain anymore! It goes fast and it's so nice to have them out! Good luck :)


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For my closed excision it hurt a little bit. Felt like more of a burning when it was pulling through. With my cleft lift which involved one very long stitch it didn't hurt at all. I think that's because the area was still numb a bit from the surgery. It only takes a couple of minutes.
When I was going to have my stitches taken out, I asked my cousin if it hurt, and he said "Oh not really", so me, believing him to be knowlegable didn't really expect it to hurt. In hindsight (which is such a wonderful thing) I should have just gone with no expectations. I would say that it wasn't very painful, I was just sore after having a swab (i.e. giant cotton wool bud poked up my wound) so all I remember is the pain from that.

Sorry, I know that's probably not helpful, but everyone's different, and everyone has a different pain threshold too



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If you still have pain killers and you're not driving yourself, I'd suggest taking one beforehand just in case...
I honestly didn't take my pain killers much throughout my healing but I'm kind of glad I took one before getting the stitches out because it was a bit painful. It goes SUPER fast though, so you really musn't worry yourself!


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Ya I too, didn't take too many pain killers ( they made me nauseous). I did plan on taking a pain killer before hand but I was running late so I got my ride their and the nurse practitioner said " let's just take out 2-3 at a time and then take small breaks" . My incision had split a little at the bottom while the incision was healing so those stitches were a little buried BUT..... 15 stitches out and I'm ok! I feel so much better now that they are out. I think at this point he stitches were doing more harm than good.

Yay almost there!


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P.s. I like your username lol my dad always tells me " if it weren't for bad luck, you'd have no luck at all"

Sooooo true.