Don't worry you will be fine

Well, thought I would make a post here. I read many threads and was quite worried about my surgery. Here is the story:

I was working in a foreign country. I started having pain in my lower back/tailbone area that was keeping me awake at night. After some diagnosis work, it was determined I had a pilonidal cyst like my father and grandfather had.

My employer told me that if I wanted it fixed, it was getting done at the foreign hospital. The place was not very clean, the staff was unfriendly, and some standard health practices I later discovered are not followed there. We won't get into that but I feared I would get an infection and only make my experience worse.

The surgery was the straight cut down the middle with stitches to close it up. After reading on here and a few other places I was even more concerned as it seems this type can have trouble healing and open back up.

I took two weeks off work and mostly laid on my bed. Caught up on some TV shows! I changed my own bandages daily, carefully cleaning with guaze and peroxide, applying antibiotic ointment, then using a non stick bandage under a gauze pad all held with tape. I showered by using a clear flexible plastic bandage to seal the wound from water. The only liquid that touched my wound and surrounding area was light cleaning with the peroxide soaked gauze. I would sometimes lay down without a bandage for a while to let it air. It looked horrible for a week or two then it slowly started to get less puffy and purple and look dry.

The doctor left the stitches in for about 6.5 weeks. Longer than I thought they would be in. The pain level was medium-high. I stood all day or would lightly sit on an airplane neck pillow. I had trouble sleeping due to the pressure. I finally demanded the stitches be removed. The doctor gave me a local and cut them out. Instant relief!

Pain continued, mostly local shooting pain if I moved to quickly. The more bad things I read on the internet the more I worried. I knew that there is always more bad than good on the internet (which is why I am here to help that today) but I still worried.

I ate a high protein diet and ensured I was getting my greens and fruit. I took protein supplement (nothing crazy, just protein) and slowly started riding my bike lightly at around the 10 week after surgery mark. I had to check a few times to make sure nothing ripped open after a quick shoot of pain.

I started running and lightly lifting weights at around the 12 week mark. Sit-ups started lightly around the same time.

I won a bicycle race about 14 weeks after the surgery.

Fast forward 3 years to today- I never got an infection. It never reopened. I run, bike, hike, fish and live a normal life. The only time I even remember I had surgery is when I do sit-ups on a hard floor or drive for 5+ hours straight. I only feel the fact that the scar tissue does not stretch like skin. Not really pain, you just know it's there.

Yep I have a scar. Looked at it about a year ago to see how much it faded. Its pretty noticeable but I could care less. Its all behind me now (pun intended).

So my advice...this site and others are a great resource. Remember that more bad news gets posted than good (usually) but remain positive, live healthy, eat right with plenty of protein, stay dry, and don't worry, you will be fine!