Drainage tube query

Hi all, new to this forum/website and I can honestly say it's the first source to ever answer some of my PNS questions. I feel like the docs can't give me detailed answers or they just don't like to guess. I'm from AUS just had my second sinus excision, first was 3 yrs ago at 16 years old (closed wound) and now here I am 2 weeks out of second surgery, this time open wound. Wouldn't consider myself hairy but I have an ethnic background and am fair haired, mum & bro also had PNS but no recurrence since.

My question is coming sorry just need to give the background info :) I have read and heard about people with open wounds having to bathe in salt, change dressing daily etc. I have been lucky enough to not have to do this. I see a nurse twice a week where she cleans the wound, stuffs with kaltostat, does her thing etc and seals it with an adhesive dressing connected to a suction device that drains the wound. Basically, I have a tube coming from the bandage that drains into a device (about the size of a tv remote) that I keep attached to my leg at all times.

I've not read about this or known anyone to tell me anything about it. So I was hoping someone on here can shed some light/insight as to how long I can expect this suction method to happen for/how effective it was etc. So far they say it's going well but this is my second time so I'm always anxious and frustrated. There are worse things in life but this one is pretty frustrating hey :) thanks for reading


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Hi MSS... they call it a vac pac. Vacuum dressing... you're on a good wicket! It's known to speed up wound healing and recovery. It's a pain though to carry the bottle around... also make sure that it holds it's suction, otherwise you could be walking around for a half a week not draining the fluid and not being checked. Interesting it avoids daily visits... however... since I go to work, I don't think I'd want to carry one around for long... daily dressings are not so bad if they're not painful... and it frees you up throughout the day.

I don't suppose you're in a remote area and that is why they want to avoid the daily visits. Anyway... go with it if the bottle is not a pain to carry.
thanks for the reply! Yes at this stage it is quite frustrating carrying the thing around and I struggle to sleep as I can't get comfortable. I have had a couple of days without the vacuum seal and I can honestly say it's more comfortable without it in terms of general mobility. But as you said, I did strike lucky. Hopefully it won't be on for too much longer..