Draw Out Salve

Hello everyone, I am new here. I have a pilonidal cyst which is slowly getting better. It acted up and was causing me considerable pain so I went to the drug store and purchased a product called Draw Out Salve. The stuff worked because it brought the sinus from the cyst to a head. It erupted last night after having the salve on for about 12 hours. I was wondering how long I should use this stuff. It worked so well I thought I should keep it on for longer until the opening that formed has started to heal. What do you think? It says its purpose is to draw out infection and since the sinus just erupted I'm thinking of using it for a few more days.
I read somewhere never to use draw out salve on an infection, but I'm not sure why. I'd definately ask a doctor before using it...
i tend to agree with kate on this one. putting moisture at all on this could really cause issues. thats one reason why these things never heal is cause theres always moisture there. it needs to stay dry at all cost. maybe others know better why this is a really bad idea cause i'm not sure the full reasoning.