Exchange of ideas, issues, etc. on minimally invasive surgery for Pilonidal Disease

Does anyone perform minimally invasive surgery for PD? If so, which technique? Lord-Millar, Bascom, Gips, EPSiT or other? What are your outcomes? Why are most colleagues reluctant to use such an approach? I perform Bascom and Gips techniques in Rome, Italy and I would really like to share impressions, ideas, issues...
I just had the open wound surgery where they leave it open after the only bad part is if they use regular gauze to pack the wound you do not want them to do that tell them to use maxorb robe packing it will not hurt the regular gauze was so painful before they switched almost unbearable but they had 2 choices at hospital here in USA where I got my surgery you can get a open would which a lot say heals faster and better or a closed wound which does not need packing but some say does not heal as good. I was very scared before surgery but now that was done and the packing material changed feel much better that was the hardest part for me the wound packing it was so painful with gauze now the maxorb robe packing feels a lot better and doesn't hurt and they also prescribed Percocet which I take before they come to pack it and now everything is going fine.