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Okay so.. I've posted on here once sharing my story. But now I have a question. I am almost 1 month post op via excision with primary closure. I use to workout 5 days a week for an hour. I did a lot of ab work on the floor and remember a strange bump back there. But then it would go away. Long story short, in October I went on a 2 hour 13 mile bike ride. Very very bumpy sweaty ride. Got an abscess. Got it lanced and the whole shabang.

Now I'm here. Surgeon released me to exercise. Lifting and all. He only said keep pressure off.. So I'm automatically cutting out biking and crunches... I didn't like those anyway lol

My incision was really small. Only 5 stitches. Nothing major. I feel great. Never had any post op pain. Never had any draining from my incision or anything.

I really feel like the flare ups came from pressure on the area more than sweating. Because I love to wear and I only remember those hard lumps when I would do boat poses and crunches. And then that stupid bike ride.

So my question is this... Do you think it's safe to workout more intensely 30 min a day for now? I have gained some weight simply by taking it easy since the lancing in October. I really didn't want to risk another flare up between the lancing and my surgery. So I just took the time off. When did you start back exercising normally? How big was your incision? Did you have stitches? And what do you think the cause of your flare ups are?
I had the cleft lift with dissolving internal stitches (my scar is 4-5 inches long). I was giving the go ahead 6 weeks post op. I didn't feel comfortable until like 4-5 months after. I think I was just paranoid and didn't want to risk anything happening. Have you thought about changing your eating habits during the time you can't exercise? It helped me a lot while I was dealing with my two pilonidal surgeries in 2014 (Had one in March '14 and then the CL July '14).


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I have. I made sure my nutrition was good basically for the healing process. The better we eat, the better we heal. I use to be overweight. Lost 76 lbs 3 years ago. So once you lose that large amount, it can sneak back quicker if your exercise isn't on point. At least for me. So almost 3 months off. I was so careful, I was basically laying around. And gained some weight. I had an excision. Simpliar than a cleft lift, but I know cleft lift is basically a once and for all done deal never to return. I just get anxiety sometimes that if I start back exercising, it'll set me back. I know sometimes these excision wounds can open. So far what I'm reading, the ones that opened are larger incisions that go pretty close to the anus. Mind is nowhere near that. And like I said, mine was pretty small. My surgeon did release me and he said he anticipates no opening or draining. He knows a lot about these pilos and you can tell he's done many of these surgeries. He made me wait 1.5 months after lancing before we did surgery. So I know he knows what he's doing. And I had ZERO post op pain. Didn't take not one pill. In fact was feeling normal the day of surgery other than the dizziness and loopy feeling from the anesthesia. I know in some cases exercise it good for healing because it can promote better circulation. But that's not that case for everyone. I'd just be devastated to have come this far and do so well and have a set back Becaus I exercised too early. But at the same time, I gain weight easily. I'm between a rock and a hard place here
Congrats on the weightloss! I'd say wait a little longer just to be sure. Then just gradually get back into your routine. Have the stitches been removed?
I have not have any surgery yet, but one thing I will agree on is from working out I believe pressure aggravates the cysts a lot more than sweat does.

Well I guess to a point, if a person did not shower after a workout to remove the sweat there are obvious consequences. I work in a machine shop, and in the summer when its 90 degrees in the shop you I sweat like ALL day. My cyst does not like that one bit.

However, if I sweat hard from running or a HIIT workout and then take a shower right after, my cyst never feels better.


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I had my stitches removed a month ago. Just checked the area like 5 min ago and it looks amazing. All smooth, no more scabs. It looks so nice. And it's closer to the top of my crack. So it's not in the lower regions where it doesn't see the light of day lol

I already had the excision. So no cyst there right now. I've been healing from the surgery. Yes. After the 13 mile bike ride, I did not shower right away. I came home and literally fell onto my bed and fell asleep because I was that exhausted from the ride. So the bumpy ride mixed with not showering. I'm just mad that I was the only one out of 5 others that got this.. The other 5 ladies are perfectly fine......... Lol
Oh well aren't you the lucky one! Lol.
That's like the worst thing about these cysts, they are so unpredictable and can really change a person's life.

I used to ride my bike on longer rides (1o+ miles) everyday, but that was before my cyst. lol Now I just run.


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Right?!? They all felt so bad and said I'm never invited again to go bike riding. Lol. Yeah. It really did change my life. It was horrible. I did a 1 hour workout today and I still feel good. I read somewhere that exercise can actually promote better healing in some people. With more blood flow and oxygen in the blood. I'm just believing that's what's happening for me.
You guys are further along than me, but I'm curious about exercise. What could you do when you got the clear to return to exercising? I'm not much of a champion at the gym and usually stick to the cardio machines or the treadmill, but one of my main vehicles of travel is my trusty bike. Will I have to finally invest in learning how to drive or will I be able to bike if I make sure to wash afterwards?

And gosh, I miss running. I was sitting out on my porch to get fresh air and enjoying that the cold numbed my pain and I watched a group of runners from the nearby college go by, laughing and joking away. I haven't been able to run since October when I realized there was a problem down there and went through getting it lanced and dealing with draining.
I see people on here that bike afterwards. Some sooner some later... I got my first big abscess from biking 13 miles.. I don't think mine was a sweat issue.. Because I've been working out like crazy for years sweating a lot. It's the pressure applied to the area. I guess it depends do on a good bike seat. I had borrowed someone's bike. And it was a grandma seat and it wasn't even adjusted correctly for me. But just the thought of biking knowing my abscess came from that, makes me never want to touch a bike again. Lol. Did you have surgery yet? Have you been lanced? Ect?