Feeling horrible - my story so far

Rewinding 4/5 years ago. I sat on my bed and felt a strong bruising type pain on my tailbone. Had a feel of the area and found a lump. Had no idea what it was and was too embarrassed to go to anyone about it. After a few days it vanished so I shrugged it off.

It reappeared a few months later so I booked and appointment with my GP, however by the time I got there it had gone and the Dr could'nt find anything wrong. So after that and thinking it wasn't such a big deal, I just turned a blind eye to it.

That was until August 2009 when it had swollen up to the size of a large grape, as a result my lower back felt like it was burning! Straight away I phoned my GP for an appointment but couldn't get seen for a week and at this point I was worried that the abcess would be gone by the time I could be seen. However, the site of the abcess became discoloured even though it had shrunk a little and the sinus hole was inflammed and very visible! The doctor said it was a Pilonidal Sinus, she gave me an information sheet about it then put a referral into the hospital.

Since August the abcess has been flaring up on a monthly basis. I finally got a consultation in December with the surgeon who will be doing an open excision procedure on the sinus/abcess. There is a 3 month waiting list for the operation but I'm hoping to use my medical insurance provided by my work to speed things along a bit.

This is all fine and good however I have had more problems than just the abcess flaring up. I really think these infections are making me ill. I have just had another infection and with each one the accompanying symptoms get worse. These being:

Muscle aches and pains - not so bad in the morning but gets worse throughout the day.
Random shooting pains in any area, shoulder, knee and finger were affected today.
Fatigue - even the most basic task feels like I have just had a full gym workout!
Tiredness - I just want to sleep all the time.
Bladder infections
Thrush-type infections (sorry guys)
Irritable Bowel symptoms

All this during and after a typical PS infection.

The usual procedure my infections follow starts with itchyness of the sinus, followed by the swelling then drainage and/or bleeding.

Did anyone else have other issues alongside a PS infection? I feel horrible everytime an infection comes and of course as soon as one flare up goes another comes almost straight away!

I am actually really looking forward to this surgery no matter how painful it will be on recovery!!!
Update: Got my date for surgery in the post today and I get my op on the 19th Feb, I can't wait to get rid of this horrible thing!
What type of surgery are you having done?

Good luck with it and keep us posted.
It'll be the open excision surgery.

The pains are getting worse I just hope the other symptoms won't get in the way of the operation.

Any basic task feels like a marathon now. I had finished walking my dogs today and I felt like I had been kicked all around my waist and back it was horrible. My Mum is very understanding being a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis so she knows what it's like living in pain!

And the funny thing is that the abcess has fully drained now. But it is itching again which means it will be popping up soon. I'll be ringing my GP for antibiotics soon as they can't operate if I have an infection.