First flare up, first pop

I have had a cyst on my tailbone for several years. It was small, never really caused me pain, and could be mostly ignored. For some reason I'm prone to cysts- I have 3 on my arms, 2 back, 1 chest- so a cyst on my tailbone was not a shock.

About 3 months ago, it started swelling and went from dime sized to bigger than a golf ball- probably nearly baseball. The pain wasn't as bad as it looked so I started trying castor oil packs, which opened a sinus. About 10 days ago, POP!

The first few days were pretty easy. There was a lot of pus but only when I tried to get it out. Now I'm getting to the old stuff that has been there for years. It's gross, it stinks, and it's abundant.

I feel like I'm on the last few days of getting the infection out. My question is (finally there) what should I expect for the future? I know I'm likely stuck with a bump for life without surgery, but if I get this infected garbage out of me, will it go back to being a closed cyst? Will the hole stay and leak forever without surgery? I want to go back to the days when this thing was nothing more than a tiny annoyance. Is that possible without surgery once it has formed a sinus?


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I've said it many many times. See a doctor. The doctor will recommend removing it. The longer the cyst stays, the worse and bigger it'll get. Whereas before it was nothing really to now bigger and draining. Luckily for you, you have a sinus for the fluid to come out of. Some people, such as myself, didn't have a sinus. So my cyst engorged into a very very painful abscess that had to be cut into and manually drained by a doctor. It was very very painful. I had surgery a month later and got the cyst removed. The sooner you catch it, the better. Because I had the surgery while the cyst was still small, my surgery was not difficult or painful. I had zero post op pain and complications. Go see a doctor.
I have seen a doctor. They wanted to do an open lancing and have me in go to the hospital daily for 4 weeks, then have an old-school butchery where they peeled back 75 percent of my ass and stay in the hospital for at least a week. I live in China and there is no way I was going to let them 1) cut me in their dirty hospitals; 2) take an open wound to their dirty hospitals 30 times; 3) do surgery. They told me there are no other surgical options.... not just for my case, but for any case. They knew nothing of the Bascom procedures and scoffed to hear something better might exist. A second opinion would be a waste of time because I went to the best hospital available. So while the advice to see a doctor is generally good advice, in my situation I feel listening to them puts me at greater risk than the (so far) natural things I've been trying. This is why I asked the questions I asked.


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I had the open excision like that ... they leave it open in my case for 10 days, twice packing daily with 3 x IV antibiotics to kill the infection,. Then stitch it up. (They don't constantly peel it back open!) In my case, removing the cyst has improved my health noticeably.

Not everyone is going to be suited to the Bascom procedure... maybe follow their advice?