First Flare-Up in a Decade. Sigh.

Hello everyone,

About 10 years ago, I had three flare-ups in total. The first two were a month apart, and the third was about 3 months after the second.

All were treated by antibiotics; no surgery and no lancing. The third one got to burst and drained while I was on the antibiotics and healed up nicely. Because of no surgery I, of course, still have the pits.

For 10 years I kept paying close attention to my cleft; cleaned it nicely every shower, etc.

Here I now sit, with an apparent flare-up that I first felt developing yesterday morning. It's not "painful", per se, but it's gotten a bit worse since yesterday and a bit of redness has developed.

So in about an hour I'm going to call my doctor's clinic when it opens and make an appointment to go and get antibiotics. If they can't fit me into their schedule (they're only open for a few hours on Saturday), I'll be going to walk-in clinic.

Almost two years after my last flare-up I went to see Dr. Ron Monoghan here in Ottawa (Canada) who agreed that after two years flare-up free he didn't see the need to jump into surgery. Now, about eight years after that, I sit here, filled with anxiety, worrying whether this is the beginning of a difficult and painful journey, or whether it'll die down with the antibiotics and I won't have to worry for another decade.

Anxiety really sucks; it messes with one's perspective. I do consider myself pretty lucky in comparison with numerous members on this site who have had it way worse, but it's still so disheartening. If surgery becomes required, I worry about the difficulty I'll have determining the right procedure for me along with who's the right surgeon in my area. I was glad to not require surgery previously because frankly the idea of going "under the knife" absolutely terrifies me.

I'm here today to mostly vent and get things off of my chest among fellow people plagued by this condition. Any words of comfort would be greatly appreciated.
I went about six years between my first flare up and my second. After all that time I thought I got lucky so when that second one happened I was really sad. It took a couple months but then the 3rd flare up happened and after that I was getting a flare up about every two to three weeks, surgery was my only option at that point, but it's been 8 months now and I still feel great. I know surgery can be scary, it was my first time ever having any type of surgery of done but I'm happy I did. After this flare up you should at least talk to a doctor you trust and is knowledgable with this problem and go over some options.
This is my first cyst flare up at age 37, I have a single pit discovered by a colorrectal surgeon last year, I went to see him because of a previous buttock abscess in a different area which I thought would be perianal (thank god it wasn´t)! The pit looked perfect, not giving me any trouble at all so he told me to leave it alone, saying that it was tipically a teenagers issue and not frequent at all considering my age...well, almost a year later and it has created an abscess in the left buttock, no pain yet since its quite deep but it will have to resurface at some point to be lanced, antibiotics didn´t work so I will just wait or maybe do something so it comes to a head, unfortunately there´s no other solution for this. I would like to try pit picking or something or another less invasive procedure once it´s healed, I´m not so sure about about open wound excission