First pilonidal. First surgery.

Well I was in the ER from horrible pain haha. I am sure you all know what that is like at this point. It was the first I have ever heard of pilonidal anything. So I saw a surgeon today and he wants to do surgery right away. So I made an appt. for next week as I have alot going on this week. My main question that I didn't ask is. What pain medication did you recieve. I realize it is different for different surgery centers ETC. But just to give me an idea. I mean is it a go home and pop a few alieve deal? Or requiring stronger prescription pain killers? The lady at the surgeon today told me I should go in to have my wound packed for the first few days and she will show my parents how. She said take the pain medicine half hour before I come in each time. But I don't know if she meant OTC pain medicine or what. I tried to google it and came to this site. Some people said they got percocet. Honestly sounds like a little much for this. But maybe not. The only reason I am concerned is because I currently take prescription pain killers for a fractured back. And have a tolerance issue with them. And they do not work as well. So I am hoping it is just a ibuprofen deal. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
I received Vicodin after my lancing, but had to go through the first packing experience without anything other than OTC. The next day, I'd taken the pain pill and it was much better. I had had to beg for pain medicine (my surgeon who did the lancing sent me home without any, or any idea that I'd need it). If you are already on pain meds, I don't know that taken more would help.
Ibumetin/Ibuprofin should be okay for just packing. My doctor told me to take some painkiller too before taking out the stitches after my first surgery. But i forgot. So i had to take the pain, which wasnt what i expected. Yeah, im gonna take a pill this time, but it wasnt something that your gonna scream and freak out to.
I took codeine and I now take co-codamol which has codeine too. Packing changes will be painful but remember never suffer in silence and bear the pain always tell them to pack it gently.
I am currently taking a Tylenol/Codeine pill every 4 hours for pain, although, I found that just plain extra-strength Tylenol is also pretty good and keeping the pain to a dull minimum. I also have stitches, not an open wound.

Oddly, I found that I didn't need any painkillers for a few days after surgery, probably because the entire area was quite numb days after the surgery. I actually needed the painkillers a lot more in the second week. Now I'm in my third week with stitches, and I can just take Tylenol during the day, and then at night when I'm a bit more sore, I usually take the Tylenol/Codeine tablet (minus caffeine) which also helps me sleep.

Ibuprofen is helpful in reducing swelling, but, I didn't find it worked as well as Tylenol for reducing pain.
Well..They decided to move my surgery to tomorrow morning. UGH. not looking forward to it. The surgeon called me in some valium to sleep tonight and before I go in the morning. So tht shows me that he cares about how comfortable I am. Which is a good sign to me. no surgeon has done this for me before. I Was tired when I posted this and don't think I even mentioned what I was having done. That doesn't help you guys much to answer my question, sorry! I think he called it an open excission? Or somewhere along those lines. It is where they leave it open and it needs to be packed twice a day for 8 weeks. (so they say) I have read on here alot last night and see some people go a bit longer than 8 weeks and that would be terrible.
Good Luck with everything


I just wanted to say good luck with everything tomorrow and I hope your surgery is a breeze. Myself, I am too chicken to get it and so I am holding out until they force me, but when I do I hope I have a surgeon like yours who cares for patient comfort. When I had a lancing I wasn't even told it would be painful and ended up going through it without even tylenol and the jerk didn't send me home with any pain meds either, also did not tell me how horrifying packing is (and I didn't know enough to pop some tylenol ahead of time so went through that au natural also!) Anyways, best of luck to you and I hope you have a speedy recovery that doesn't require many pain-killers :)
Thanks for the good wishes. I am hoping it will be a quick surgery and I can just come home nd look forward to recovery. I will post up in here tomorrow after the surgery and let everyone know how it went! Once I am out of la la land of course.
well I am off to the surgery center..really nervous and haven't slept yet. So I am looking forward to a nice nap with the help of some drugs. The only thing that is hard for me is the packing. and doing every day for so long. such a hassle. this was my first flare up and I dont know how painfull the lancings can be or anything. Mine burst on its own and I didnt feel a thing. Just had pain for about 2 hours the first day. so I didn't see the need to get rid of it if it doesnt hurt me. But the sergeon told me it needed to be done..So, here i go [:xx]
Finally back home and am doing well! So far not much pain. Got a bottle of 60 vicodin for pain anyways. might switch me to percocet if it isnt strong enough for me but I told him I wanted to try this first cause percocet gives me ungodly night terrors. Go in for the first wound packing tomorrow morning. I am sssoooo not looking forawrd to that.
Welcome home jd!

You may not feel much pain for a few days (until the anesthetic wears off completely).

All the best for tomorrow,
Congrats, JD! Now the fun really begins! :)

You'll be numb back there for a few days, which is why you won't feel much pain right now. But eventually, you'll start feeling it. At the FIRST SIGN of pain, take the meds. If the pain gets intense, the meds take longer to work.

I was given Tylenol with codeine, which seems to work fine. Usually I'll take 2 extra-strength Tylenols, which seems to be enough for the pain I have (I had a closed procedure and am in my third week of these damn stitches).

Now the long healing process begins. Take it easy and let everyone pamper you!
Aw..I was just hoping I wouldnt have pain LOL. I knew it was to good to be true..Right now I am laying on my back with my laptop on me and am still doing good. I have been taking the vicodin though because the nurse gave me 15mg hydrocodone before I left and told me to take more in 4 hours pain or no pain. She said it works better if you have the pain control before you have pain. So right now I am happy as can be cause I am high as a kite :D

were you guys able to sit down normal and lay on it the first night or whatever? And then the local wore off and all hell broke loose when you laid on it?
GRRR..whenever I go to the bathroom it bleeds a bunch and doesn't stop for awhile..I really don't know what to do about it. I had some dog training pads here as I will be picking up my new boxer puppy in a few weeks and laid one on my bed and am sitting on that now. I already ruined a t-shirt, good pair of volcom shorts, and my comforter. I guess it can probably all be washed. this sucks. I am actually more nervous about the wound packing tomorrow than I was for the surgery today..[:xx][vv][8)]
Daughter tried Vicoden, but it didn't help and so we ended on with her on Perocet {which took away the pain, but gave her nasty scary dreams}. She used ladies pads in the back of her undies to take care of the blood and other fluids. I wonder if anyone has tried those Depends?
Well I go in for my first packing in half an hour..So i'll see how it goes. I am pretty sure the vicodin won't be enough for that..but it works OK for the general pain when I am just laying down watching tv or trying to sleep. I took tylenol PM last night instead of the vicodin and slept all night. It was nice. So I might just try that at night agin.
Meh..Wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be...It hurt like hell when she pulled the old out as it stuck alot. And I was just clinching my teeth and ripping their pillow in half :p But when she put the new in I didn't feel a thing. I asked her when she was going to start packing it and she said she was done already..just covering it up.
Glad to hear it was only half bad and that you were able to get a good nights rest before all of that!

Would showering and sort of getting the packing wet help making it not so sticking to pull out? I have a vague recollection of the surgeon telling me this when I got a lancing. That is I was in the shower or the tub, the warm water would moisten it and help it not stick so much?
I know I've read on these forums that there is nothing wrong with wetting the packing before removing it. It's just not recommended to wet the packing before putting in NEW packing.