First pilonidal. First surgery.

Yeah..she told me to shower before going over..Only problem is I have to drive half an hour 1 way so by the time I get there and sit in the waiting room its all dry. After she tried to pull the first few times she got some water and dumped it was so cold but it felt good. And then after a few minutes of slow pulling it was out. So it probably wont be as bad when I can change it on my own, then I can do it right after the shower.
The second packing today went pretty well..I did take 1 extra vicodin though before this time. So I took three. But it was about the only way I would drag myself in there to go through the packing again. And it helped a bit. Hopefully tomorrow will be even easier. sitting/laying on my back is kinda tough now. I have been sleeping on my side..if I even get any sleep for the night. Def. more painful than I had expected.
May I suggest when you are trying to sleep on your side, that you put a pillow behind you. For me, this helped to limit my moving around in my sleep, and suddeningly waking myself up with the pain from moving. I've only had a lancing, but I found that this helped bunches at bed time.
OWW!...I let my dad change it for the first time today and I thought I wouldn't take any vicodin or anything for pain before this time. That was a hoorribblllleee mistake. It hurts so bad now. I don't want to take my pain meds. until tonight before I go to sleep..but that is anouther 5 hours..I don't know if I will make it. Hopefully the stinging and aching dull down a bit soon.
don't be afraid to take your meds. thats what they are there for. my doc said that the pilo surgery is one of the most painful things u could go thru, so try to be comftorable and take some meds. i promise it will help. i hope u feel better soon.
seems like it is getting more and more painfull to change the packing every day. But I guess its something that has to be done. I see the surgeon on wednsday for a follow up. Hopefully it all looks good.
for the most part this sounds normal. they usually inject good stuff in your wound and as it wears off it gets worse. my most painful packings were day 5-10 and i've had alot of packings. i'll keep my fingers crossed that all looks great.
My dad said it looks like it is on the break of infection..and it sure feels like it. Luckily I have the appt. tomorrow anyways to see the surgeon. woke up in the middle of the night and had to take pain medicine it hurt so bad. That has never happened either. Usually I can take it after supper. and don't need anymore until lunch or the next day. But I have still been on 4-6 of them a day for like 5 days now.
What day are you on now JD? My son had a closed op (Modified Karydakis), but he found the worst days for pain were 5-6 post op. Day 7 was a real turnaround for him... smooth sailing from there.

Wishing you all the best,
Lets see..I think today would be day 5 or 6. So hopefully soon it stops hurting. The general pain isn't bad..but the packing is hell..and for a few hours after that it hurts pretty bad.
yes i do believe very normal. the packing is usually really bad and my surgeons always say that if it hurts than the packing is doing what its suppose to do. with an open wound its quite rare to get an infection this early. for open wounds infections usually start once its getting close to closed as bacteria gets trapped under the skin. but the whole purpose of packing is that its debreeding the wound every time it comes out. how are u guys doing the packing? wet to dry or something else? how big approx. is your wound?
Just got back from the surgeons and he said I was right on track [^^] He said it looks like it could be fully closed in around 3 more weeks! Much sooner than I was expecting. Still pretty painful after the packing changes. And only have enough pain killers for one more changing. So after tomorrow I will be doing it without [x:(]
this is great news. keep up the good work. it is always impressive to me how after my 5 surgerys,how quickly my body heals closed these gigantic wounds. my fourth surgery was left open and the size was 4 inches deep, 5inches wide and 6 inches long. i mean it did take months to close but for that size, it still was amazing.
cricket1;69960 said:
this is great news. keep up the good work. it is always impressive to me how after my 5 surgerys,how quickly my body heals closed these gigantic wounds. my fourth surgery was left open and the size was 4 inches deep, 5inches wide and 6 inches long. i mean it did take months to close but for that size, it still was amazing.

Mine was 4 inches long, 3-4 inches deep and 3 inches wide. So it was just a baby one haha. Glad it will be closed soon. And hopefully the stupid thing never comes back.
what are u talking about, just a baby one. this size is quite large. theres alot of people with an open wound the size of a dime and thats painful too, so to have this size of a wound is quite remarkable.
Yeah..his nurse(one who packed it the first few days) Said it was one of the worst ones she had seen in awhile. Did the packing without pain medicine yesterday and it throbbed for a good while afterwards. It was the worst pain with it yet. I might call them later today and see if he can call in more just for use with packings..I just hate calling for stuff like that because I feel everyone thinks you are a crack head haha.
hahaha, knowone thinks u are a crackhead with a pilonidal problem. i have chronic kidney stones and chronic pilonidal problems and several doctors have said that both of these issues are compared to being worse than childbirth. having one would be bad enough but to have both is really bad. your docs do understand your need to be comftorable and u are still in the early stages of this. don't worry so much about being brave until its been a bit longer.

don't get me wrong getting off meds earlier rather than later is for the best because like for myself i have now been having troubles with withdrawel and addiction and am having to get lots of help getting off. but mind u i have been on ridiculous high dosages of meds for 14 months. i've had 5 surgerys in a year. 3 pilonidal surgerys and 2 kidney surgerys. however i have 5 total pilo surgerys but this has been an awful year.

you'll do justfine getting off the meds when its the right time. good luck.
Good god. I couldn't imagine doing this 5 times. That is just insane. once is enough. If it comes back it is staying haha. Yeah, I haven't called them yet. But I probably will. The throbbing is terrible. Feels like someone just drop kicked me square in my tailbone.
yeah, well like i said u have a considerable size wound. please call the doc!!!!! please?
Gave em' a call and talked to a different nurse who sounded kinda dumb. Didn't know who I was or anything. And wouldn't let me talk the nurse I always see. So she just sent a message back to them..So we will see how this goes. Pharmacy closes at 6. so I will call up around 5 and see. Somehow I doubt it haha.