First pilonidal. First surgery.

i am so sorry. if thats not bad luck, i don't know what is. aren't benedryl caplets tiny tiny? where on earth could it have gotton lodged that u would have needed surgery to get it out? what did the surgeon say about where it was? i've had capsules stuck before and i take a peice of bread,roll it into a big ball and eat it kinda whole so it grabs the pill. itsa always worked so i never knew they would operate to get it out. i think irony is an understatement!!! well, i'm glad your ok.
I dont know where it was lodged. I have pictures that they took with a scope haha..shows all the scrathces it left. It was stuck for about 15 hours before I had to have it taken out. I tried bread, apple sauce, chewing gum, hot water, cold water, throwing up. NOTHING worked. so they had to cut a little bit out to get it all..but it still feels like some is there so I have to call them in the morning. I am just having horrible luck lately.
There is still quite a bit of blood coming out of this thing.. Is that normal? I dont see my surgeon again until next week. Not much pain with it anymore. Packing changes sting a bit. But I am used to it now. Just concerned about the amount of blood draining this late in.
first of all, your not that far in and i'm pretty sure the first month can be very bloody. u have a decsent wound there and my last surgery, i couldn't make it in to take shower without looking bludgeoned and the whole shower was very bloody as well. it took till a little over a month for mine to stop. so i wouldn't get too worried, yet.
Lately I have been sleeping almost 20 hours a day every day. Its been going on for around a week. So my mom made me go to the doctor today to make sure nothing was wrong. And I tested positive for mono...yep, pretty sure god hates me lol.
oh i'm very sorry. my kids get mono at least once a year so i know how draining that can be. but look at it this way, they say your body heals great while your sleeping so maybe something good will come out of this. i hope u recover soon.
well most of the day/night it has been bleeding and really burning bad. Haven't done the packing change today, and it is already midnight. I have really been putting it off, but I should get it done...